Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where has time gone?

Seriously!? It's been almost an entire month since I've updated my blog (Blog SIN).
What have we been up to lately? We've celebrated our 3 month anniversary with a little stay/work-cation at Snowbird Ski Resort. It was so nice to get away and out of the 100 degree weather in the valley. It was in the 70's while we were up there for 3 days. Justin only had about a 20 minute commute to work that Thursday and Friday morning and I was working at Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Conference so I actually was able to sleep in a little. It was so different being there without 500 inches of snow surrounding you! No need to worry about an avalanche this time of the year, although it should start snowing up there in September (insert sad, disgusted face here)! We were in South Carolina visiting family and friends the next weekend and it was so wonderful to see everyone. On Saturday of that weekend, Justin and I rented a pontoon boat and packed it full of both my friends and Justin's friends (who made the trip to see us from NY and Maryland). We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends that drive down the East Coast to see us and friends that also get along so well together! Although it took us 22 hours just to get there and about the same to get home the trip was definitely worth it. We received terrible news last Tuesday and had to fly back to South Carolina that night for a funeral. Please continue to keep my family in your prayers as we go through this incredibly difficult time!
This weekend we're off to Washington, D.C. for a wedding! I haven't been since I was in 3rd (?) grade and cannot wait to get back to see all of the [many] things I took for granted back then.

I know that when we get back on Monday it means one thing for our Utah weather - SNOW is around the corner. It was 56 Monday and about 64 today. UGH!
I promise to try to be a better blogger from now on.


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