Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment with an oncologist because of the ovarian cyst that has been the headache of my life lately. Apparently there was an echo heard by the radilogist when I had my ultrasound so they were worried it could be the big C word. Surgery was scheduled for yesterday. Four incisions on my abdomen and many hours later I was finally able to come home. Justin has been the best nurse/doctor ever. Although I hate taking medicine I realize that for now I can't live without the pain meds they have me on and he has been bringing them to me right on time. Thank goodness Goldman is allowing him to work from home to take care of me. I literally cannont even get out of bed to pee without him helping me up! I never thought about much we use our core muscles to do the most simple things.
I will know all results by Friday, but the doctor said I shouldn't be worried :) Happy NEWS! So for now I'm sleeping alot, reading a little, and being super bored!


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