Wednesday, May 18, 2011

24 Weeks

...and what a great milestone to hit! Justin took off work today to go to our MFM appointment with me. We both slept late in the hopes that by not waking up too early, the less we would have time to think about all the "what if's". Our plan was a success!

We both felt very confident, as I mentioned yesterday, that today wouldn't be that big of a deal. I'm so happy to report that nothing has changed as far as my cervical length - it's no longer, but it's also not shorter. It took them a few minutes to determine what in fact was my cervix though because my bladder was pretty much on top of it. Apparently, my uterus has shifted downward, which pulls everything with it. Dr. Dildy didn't seem concerned so I'm not going to worry about yet another thing. Our fFn test also came back negative which is another huge blessing. Prior to receiving the results for it we had discussed what our next step would be if it came back positive. If/when (during our now weekly appointment and testing) I will be admitted into the hospital for better observation and will probably be there until we deliver. The boys will also begin getting their much needed steroid shots to develop their little lungs faster. My mom freaked out at the fact that I could be in the hospital for, hopefully, that long, but really I feel okay with it. I know that a) whether I'm there or home I'll be in the bed, b) I'll have the best around the clock care - not that Justin isn't doing that now, and c) At least when the nurses come in to check on me I can have someone to talk to instead of me talking to poor King all day while hubby is at work! Looks like a win- win to me if I do say so myself ;) ha!

I wasn't dilated this morning, which is another huge blessing because I've been having a few contractions here and there throughout the past few days. Nothing painful (yet) and nothing regular. This past week has flown by and I'm so thankful for that! I appreciate all of the calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages for sure! Some of my friends have even given me to-do lists for them - haha! I'm pretty sure that I would be a great personal assistant, which will come in handy when the boys arrive.

Okay, enough about medical stuff. This past weekend was absolutely perfect. Justin put both cribs up in our new nursery and we also hung all of their clothes in their closet. Well Justin hung them while I sat on a bunch of pillows on the floor. It seriously was so exciting and we both laughed and talked about our future together as one happy family. We have all the furniture in the room except for the glider that I still need to pick out. I can't decide on the color!

I don't have a picture of the dresser, and the bedding will be here in the beginning of June :)

The boys are getting stronger by the day and still moving around alot - especially in the mornings. I seem to be "stuck" at 144 pounds (I'm not shy about how much weight I've gained it's for our boys! BTW 24 lbs) and it seems like no matter how much I eat I just can't get off that number. Hopefully, the bedrest will help.
I drink about a gallon of water a day and go to the bathroom about 100 times a day - haha.

We didn't get any pictures of the boys this morning since they were only checking my cervix. I go to our regular OB Monday for my gestational diabetes test and I'm sure they will give me a few pictures of them. I'm definitely not looking forward to that nasty drink! Tuesday, I go back for my shot. Wednesday, we go back to the specialist. For a bedridden mama that's one busy week - I'm looking forward to it!

I need to remember to take a belly picture on my way to the bathroom. lol . I'll try to remember that.

Here's to another week of watching movies, blogging, and doing nothing at all ! Remember, our next mini goal is to make it to 26 weeks! That will be here before we know it! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Stay positive! God's in control. You are so blessed. I love it!

  2. I've been reading along and I'm glad to know the prayers are working! I'll be thinking about you and praying for all of ya'll!

  3. yay! I just emailed you -- so happy at least you're still home :) Talk to you later

  4. Ok, just spent way too much time looking back at your cute posts (I am at work... oops;) How exciting that you are having twins!... And the names are adorable! You are so precious pregnant... you are gorgeous.... and I will shut up after this, I am loving your blog! :)

  5. So glad you made it though another check-up. And the cribs look awesome! What kind are they? Too cute!

  6. I just found your blog and think it is so exciting that you are having twins! (at least, that is what I gather!?) HOW FUN! Twins supposedly run in my family too and I am next in line to have them. I kind of hope I do and I kind of hope I don't. Not sure about it yet!

    new follower!

    Adventures of Newlyweds

  7. Wishing you and the babes the very best, Farabe! Stay strong. You are going to be a great mommy :)