Friday, June 10, 2011

27 weeks and a new trimester

I'm a few days late with my weekly update. One would think that I would be on top of things since I do nothing all day long, but sometimes you can only be on the computer for so long.

Tuesday, we went for our weekly shot. The progesterone is a breeze compared to the betamethasone ! While we were at the OB we met with Dr. Y so we could catch up. He measured my round belly and said I measured about a month ahead so obviously they're growing ... Or something is growing. Haha

We had our specialist appt that afternoon. I never know what to think or expect when we go so I just don't think about it. We saw yet another new doctor, Dr. Ball. My cervix measured the longest it has since bed rest, aka 4 weeks ago. Yay! Hudson measured 2 lbs 1 oz and our little guy, Thayer, 1 lb 15 oz! Up 6 oz in a week. I was so happy. Although these measurements aren't 100% it's a good guess. Dr. Ball said that he was getting all the blood flow needed to his heart and brain and he wasn't very concerned with his placenta right now. Great news!!! When we were checking out the lady said "a follow up for 4 weeks?" hahaha good one ma'am.. We'll see you next Wednesday!

So that's where we are now. Going into the weekend with great news and hoping it continues for many more weeks.

And..... My SIL had her baby boy this morning. Chase Timothy Algor. 7lbs 6 oz. We can't wait to meet him over the holidays. Congrats Monica, Jonathan, and toddler Jack!


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