Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 months

I can't believe our sweet boys are 6 months old, already! I also can't believe how little time I have and that I only get one post up per month! Ha, at least it's an important one.

Hudson and Thayer,
You both are such a joy and the apples of my eye! You are professional travelers now and also {technically} world travelers since you have been out of the country! You have flown to South Carolina twice in a months time and also to New York. Thayer, I think flying bothers you some because you are more fussy and you never are. Hudson, you don't have a problem with it, whatsoever. You both are eating very well lately and we will probably increase your spoon feedings to twice a day. I am making your baby food myself and I enjoy doing it so much! You both are rolling from your back to tummy and tummy to back. Thayer, you are still rolling across the floor to get where you want to go and somehow manage to crawl backwards. You get on all fours and rock back and forth a few times. It is absolutely hilarious. I had a mommy spa day this weekend and when I came home (daddy watched you) you were in the middle of the floor near the kitchen. I NEVER let you get off of you play mat before I move you back. I asked your daddy what you were doing there and he said, "I promise he wasn't there when I went to open the door for you." Buddy, you are FAST!  Maybe you will figure out how to go forward this coming month. Both of you have really started to enjoy playing with your toys and sometimes you "fight" over the same toy! I'm sure these will be the start of many arguments over things. Your naps aren't going so well, but I can't complain because you both sleep around 12.5 hours at night. Sometimes, I can get an hour nap out of you though, which is nice so I can get some things done around the house. Hudson, you have done so well with wearing your helmet. It doesn't bother you at all. You both had a little cold and are currently taking antibiotics to help you feel better. You probably got sick going from 20 degree weather to 70 degree weather and back again.... Twice! I'm sorry. Thayer, you smile All.The.Time and it is so contagious! Hudson, you laugh hysterically and love to smile, also! You both stare at King if he gets close Hudson you grab at him. Thayer, I don't think you care that much about him. Thayer, you would rather be standing than sitting and love to jump in your jumperoo. Hudson, you want to be held or sitting on your mat with me right beside you. You celebrated daddy's 30th surprise birthday party this past weekend and I think you guys stole the show. There were around 30 people there and I think everyone "ooed and aahed" over you. You guys are absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL baby boys in the entire world! Daddy and I are so lucky to have you!

Hudson's stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 9 oz
Height: 27 1/2 inches (but this was a few week before you turned 6 months) I definitely think you are at least, if not more 28 inches
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 12 months

Thayer's stats:
Weight: 18 pounds 9 oz - sorry buddy, your brother has definitely pulled ahead
Height: last time we checked (at the same time as your brother) 27 1/2 inches, but you are way taller now
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: Some 9 months still fit, but mostly 12 months

I have a feeling these monthly photo's are going to get way harder! haha

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