Monday, March 12, 2012

Hudson and Thayer are 7 MONTHS!

Goodness gracious! Seriously, I can't believe my babies are 7 months old! I was looking back and their newborn pictures and I can't even remember them being that small. They grew so fast and have changed so much in such a short period of time. They look nothing like they looked when they were born. We have been so busy this past month and have had lots of nighttime outings for numerous reasons, but they did so well and never got fussy for being out past their bedtime, which is between 7:30-8:00. They are always such show stealers! haha. AND BIG FLIRTS! Goodness, I'm going to have my hands full when they get older!

  You have become such a content and happy baby. When you were younger, you would cry some, but I know it was because you had acid reflux. You are obviously outgrowing that and rarely cry or spit up anymore, which is a huge blessing because I get to do less laundry. You could care less about jumping in your jumperoo now, but love to push up and stand in your walker and exersaucer. You could sit all day on your activity mat and play with your toys. You reach so far out in front of you to grab and pull other toys you want towards you. It scares me because I'm scared you will "face plant", but you have great control and balance! You love to turn your toys in all different directions and upside down. The other day you pulled your tummy time mat over to you (by its tag) and covered your legs with it like it was a blanket! You are such an attention grabber and absolutely love to laugh and talk. You have the funniest little loud chuckle! You get SO excited too and stick your arms out to your side with your little fists balled and laugh, but your face looks like its frozen in place. It is hilarious! You love to be tickled! You also love your puppy, King. You reach for him anytime he's around you. I have a feeling you will definitely be an animal lover. Poor King.
  You have good days and bad days with your spoon feedings, which we now do 3 times a day. You do great at your 11 am feeding (you have either mango, bananas, pears or apples) plus a little bottle. Maybe 4 ounces, but at the next two spoon feedings you will only have about half of your bowl. Maybe it's because you don't care for peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. haha! You LOVE bath time and fuss when it's time to get you out and dress you for nighttime, but as soon as we stick your bottle in your mouth you are as happy as can be! Your nighttime bottle is 9 ounces. For a week or so, you were waking up around 3-4 am and crying so I would have to feed you, but since we increased your bottle by one ounce you sleep until 8:00- 8:30! We started putting you to bed without your paci and you have done great without it! Thank goodness. You are in your big boy carseat and I think you think you are such a big boy! You don't fall asleep in it too often because you are too busy looking out the window and at your self in the mirror on the back of the seat. You don't even want your paci at all when you are in your carseat! You have started taking a really long nap in the mornings, normally around 2 hours and I don't know what to do with myself because I'm so accustomed to having someone awake. haha! Your doc band has helped reshape your head so much in such a short period of time. You still don't mind it at all!
  Daddy and I are so excited to celebrate St. Patrick's day and my birthday and SOON Easter with you and Thayer! We love you so much and are enjoying every new stage that you are going through.

Weight: 21 pounds 2 oz - 90%
Height: 28 inches -95%
Diaper: Size 4 cruisers
Clothes: 12 and a few 18 month sleepers
Shoes: Size 2
Looks: Barely any hair and big blue eyes with the longest eyelashes. Lots of cute fat rolls :)

  You are on the move sweet boy! I can't turn my back without you crawling under something or being in a completely different place in 5 seconds flat! You get on your hands and knees and jump forwards or on your hands and toes with your little tush straight up in the air and "walk" there. You definitely keep me on my toes, too! You are such a good eater (solids). You open your mouth up wide and you aren't a messy eater, except when it comes to eating peas because you don't like those very much. Your favorite is still avocado, but I think carrots are pretty close, too! Guess what little guy? You got your FIRST tooth  on March 7th! I checked your mouth when you woke up and I didn't see or feel ANYTHING, you played and then went back down for a nap and when I woke you up and was changing your diaper, BAM! There was a pearly white staring at me! Tears were shed, by me, but you have been the sweet little angel that you are! Such a big boy. You haven't figured out how to go forwards in your walker yet and thats okay by me because I know once you do that you will be into everything! You still absolutely love to jump in your jumperoo. I have to stick you in that if I need to get a few things done around the kitchen. That way I know where you are. haha! You are long and lean and I think its from all the exercise you get during the day! lol. You're still pretty heavy though, but you have definitely started slowing down! Thank goodness :) You are in your big boy car seat, too! You use to hate going in your infant carrier, but now you don't mind your new Britax seat. When I get you out to put you in the stroller you normally don't want to so I have to carry you and push your brother in the stroller to where we are going. You still fall asleep pretty quickly in your car seat.
  Bath time is so much fun for mommy and daddy to watch you to splash around. You have THE biggest smile on your face the entire time. I am SOAKED afterwards from all of your splashing. I can't wait to see how much you love the pool this summer. You go straight to bed after your bath and nighttime bottle (9oz) and don't make a peep until around 8 am the next morning. I'm positive that you absolutely wear yourself out during your bath. Like your brother, you are one big flirt! You smile at everyone and do things to get peoples attention so they will look at you. You have started this really high pitched scream and when I look at you, you smile and laugh. Sometimes it scares your brother who is normally right beside you. You two are the best of friends and 'talk' all day long. I wish I knew what you were saying!
  Daddy and I love you so much and look forward to sharing Easter (mommy and daddy's first date) with you. We decided that it's going to always be special for our little family, not only because that's when we had our first date in Charleston, but because of the resurrection of JESUS and the eternal life that he has given us!

Weight: 19 pounds 5 oz - 85%
Height: 28 inches - 95%
Diaper: Size 4 cruisers
Clothes: 12 month and 18 month sleepers
Shoe: Size 2
Looks: Just like your daddy! Light brown hair, but its darker brown in the very front (the part that never fell out as a baby), Light blue/grey eyes. 1 little baby tooth :)