Thursday, April 19, 2012

8 months

Life has been so busy the past few weeks. We packed up our stuff, Justin drove to Texas, the boys, my mom and I flew to Texas, we moved into corporate housing, went house hunting, found a house and are waiting to close April 30th! That's a 3 week close date! To say it was crazy around here would be an understatement. We are also going to Michigan the weekend after we close to proudly watch my brother in law graduate with his business AND law degree, so putting the house together will be a slow process. I wanted to jot down a few things the boys have been doing this past month so we wouldn't forget.

You got your first tooth April 7 (bottom right)! I could see it for a few weeks, but it took forever to pop through. You were such a good baby the entire time too! You are happy, laugh, crinkle your nose and have the biggest grin on your face all day long! You love to talk and sqeal and scare your brother when you do! You love to play with him, although he sometimes doesn't care to be pulled down by you. You started crawlingna few weeks ago, but you are much faster scooting on your hinny to get places so you do that most of the time. You are super strong and pull up on the sofa and on me when I sit on the floor with you. You take a few steps when we practice walking, but you aren't so sure about it. You are an amazing sleeper and sleep from 7:30- 7:00 or 7:30. You eat 4 solid meals per day and have 4 bottles. You aren't a picky eater at all! You are such a busy body that I have to give you a toy to hold when I'm feeding you a bottle. Gran taught you how to dance when she was here! She wouLd hold you and put out her hand and say "let's dance" and you would out your hand in hers and giggle while she would dance around in a circle. It is so cute and you love it! You also started giving the BEST hugs. I love it when you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze. You don't go back to the doctor until May 17th, but I would guess that you weigh 23 pounds and around 30 inches. Someone asked me the other day if you were 18 months! Haha! You are adjusting great to Texas and are ready for a real football helmet just as soon as you can get on the pee wee football team. We have retired your doc band and only wore it for 3 months! I think I will miss it when you begin walking. We love you buddy!
Diaper: size 5
Clothing: 18 months
Shoes: size 3 WIDE haha

You had 3 teeth by the time you turned 8 months! Your top left tooth came in April 9. It gave you a little grief, but who can blame you? You got both of your top ones within 3 days of one another. Poor baby. You weren't sleeping as well as you had been, but I think you were going through a growth spurt because all you did all day was eat and you wanted to eat at night,too. You eat 4 solid meals a day and have 4 bottles and sometimes finish your brother's bottle. You have started to get a little more picky with food and if you don't want it you will spit it back out... At me, until I make you something else. I'm usually pretty good about hiding whatever it is you don't like in something you do like though, haha. You are a fast crawler and you love to flip the pages on books, your train, and your leap frog table. You are very vocal and a BIG flirt! You smile and your face lights up and will melt anyone's heart. Sometimes you decide that you don't want to go into your carseat and that's a struggle that takes a while to get you in, but once you are in, you're fine. We now play peek a boo in your mirror while I'm getting you in. That helps a lot! You love King and reach for him all the time or just watch him if you are in the highchair. You love to ride on your daddys shoulders. Your brother slept through his first tornado, but you were wide awake and looking around making sure everyone was safe!I'm guessing that weigh 20 pounds and are 30 inches. You are our little angel baby and we love you so much!
Diaper:size 5
Clothing:18 months
Shoe: size 4

*I will update your 8 month picture as soon as we get our computer set up in your NEW home!

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  1. God Bless Texas, girl! I just loved living there. Hope your move goes great! xoxo