Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Months.. a little late

Short, sweet and to the point should be the name of this post. 

Hudson and Thayer,
 You guys are go,go,go from 8 am until the time that you go to bed at 7:30! When you do nap, I have so much to do that I'm on full speed ahead mode! You guys crawl and pull up on everything. You can both stand without holding on for about 15- 20 seconds and I really think you will be walking by the time you turn 1! We are trying to wean you from bottles and you are doing great! Today, June 18, you have only had ONE bottle of formula and two sippy cups with formula (at 4:45)! You haven't added any new words to your vocabulary this past month, but you are trying to figure out how to say puppy (pupu). You would rather eat finger foods than puree and LOVE chicken! Ya'll are getting so big, so fast! I will try to add to this when I have more time, but right now you guys are waking up from a nap! 

Teeth Count
Hudson 4 teeth, #5 is trying to pop out
Thayer 7 teeth, #8 isn't too far behind

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