Saturday, April 3, 2010

42 Days To Go!

Justin and I have 42 days left until we become husband and wife! We are both so excited to start our new life together. So with our new beginning, I thought I would start a blog to keep everyone updated on what's going on! Last year was so stressful with moving from Georgia to Utah and planning a wedding that's taking place in New York! I am so thankful that everything is finally finished and all we have to do is sit back and relax... Oh, and finish the seating chart! YIKES!

Linsey Wilson, a Gamma Phi Beta sister and an AMAZING new photographer in SC Upstate took our engagement pictures! She also did my bridal portraits, but you'll have to wait to see those!

Justin has been such a trooper throughout this entire process. He works 12 hour days, at least, and then has had to come home and listen to me blab on about wedding stuff! Poor guy! The most involved he has been though was with our first florist. Justin came home from work to me crying because I had pretty much fired the florist 2 months before our wedding. Justin LIVES for taking charge and solving problems! Well he solved my problem that's for sure! The next day he found a florist and not just ANY florist, the florist that did Kevin Jonas's wedding! We might not have a place to live after paying the guy, but at least our flowers will be AMAZING! On each table will be tall cherry blossom branches, hanging votives with hydrangeas and penoies around the base.

It will look something like this (We will have the silver ballroom chairs too!):

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