Monday, April 5, 2010

Is it really April?

I can't believe it's April, but not because our wedding is so close, but because we're getting SNOW AgAiN tonight! It snowed from Saturday night until Easter morning! I can't stand reading everyone's facebook posts about it being nice out and going to the beach! BLAHHH! Did I mention I HATE (with a PASSION) SNOW, COLD Weather, ANYTHING to do with Winter?!?! It's so dreary and grey here lately! I've been in full blown Winter since September 30th (that's 6 months straight)! I sure hope Spring decides to show up before long because I can't take much more.

Justin and I had a wonderful THIRD Easter together! Easter Bunny Justin brought me an Easter basket :)

We made breakfast together (too bad this was the only American Flag pancake that turned out right)
And Justin brought home an Easter Lily

Well, off to do call notes from today and watch THE DUKE game! Go DUKE!

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