Monday, September 20, 2010

Readers Beware

If we know each other well, then you know that Justin and I wanted to start a family right away. We had the names of our future children picked out before we said our "I Do's" for goodness sake. Well, 4 1/2 months into our blissful marriage we have had no such luck. Before, you think "Well that's not that long to be trying" or "I know someone that's tried for five years" or "WHY are you already so stressed about it?" let me say that unless you're in the baby making business yourself right now, then you have no idea what it's like to be let down every month, well month plus a couple of WEEKS! Meaning, ever since we've been married the little pesky visitor that visits us females monthly has decided to come and go, or not come at all. Again, normally not a problem unless you're trying to start a family.
My first doctors appointment was in July when they told me we were pregnant via a BLOOD TEST! I was so excited and had to have the cutest way to tell Justin (who was at work, but I knew I couldn't wait until he got home to spill the beans) Long story short, we told our closest family members and two days later I received a devastating phone call that said my b-HCG (beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)level was very low and I needed to have a repeat blood test. Okay, not to worry, but I went straight to a walk in clinic to have my blood work done. Turns out we weren't pregnant, but something was obviously making me have the pregnancy hormone. Back to the short side of the story, I have an ovarian cyst that was putting out a hormone that was being picked up by the blood test. Every month we get cysts on our ovaries that go away after our monthly cycle, but mine has decided to stay put! Yippee! Kidding. So I've had one ultrasound done while I was home which determined this little big thing was 4 inches! Holy Crap! It is larger than my uterus, attached to my ovary and some of my fallopian tube. AWESOME. We were unable to determine what type of cyst it was then, but today I have another ultrasound appointment and then because this thing is not allowing me to ovulate properly my doctor will be putting me on medicine (which I will have a 1:10 chance of birthing twins). Point of this post is because Justin has completely traumatized me into thinking that I have a cyst that has teeth and hair! Yes, It is possible! Disgusting - absolutely! Please do not look below if you have a week stomach. I'm warning you!

Needless to say, I'm pretty positive (about 100%) that I don't have this guy in me currently! Let's hope not at least! haha! Stay tuned for the outcome of my Ultrasound!


  1. where int he world did you get that picture?
    I really don't see how that is an ovarian cyst.Wishing you the best of luck today.
    Let me know how it goes.

  2. haha BPanHouston - it's a dermoid ovarian cyst. gross huh ?

  3. ^^ yep it's true mine was fulla hair