Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm A Pillow Making Machine

I have been bored to death lately. The hubby has been working late because end of year reviews and other projects that have kept him busy so he I decided that I needed a hobby. After getting home from work, I usually finish paperwork and then read. Since May I've read 11 books
and now I just want to do something else so yesterday we I decided that I would start sewing. I went over to Jo Ann's and purchased

Three hours later I Justin figured out how to actually thread the thing. I mean who would have guessed that you had to thread it from the top and bottom. The directions were NOT helpful at all, but You Tube was! Thank goodness for the "How do you..." videos! I decided my first craft would be to make new throw pillows for our sofa ~ it couldn't be that hard right ?! It actually wasn't hard (thank goodness), but I had to keep re-threading(?) the bobbin- aka the bottom spool- until I finally discovered read the directions that I needed to readjust the tension.

These are the striped pillows I made for our sofa

And while I was at it, I made two pillows for a chair on our balcony (please disregard the dead flowers and the fact that the table is super dusty [we had a dust storm the other day])

The pillow in the back is burlap and I plan to stamp it when I find a stamp that I like.

I know I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm trying! Justin thought they were pretty good at least.

Next project is to make King a bed so he'll get out of ours!

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  1. hey!! I want to learn! GO you :) That's awesome Mrs. Algor =)