Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Musings

As I am sitting in our bed, my husband is working in our living room at 10 pm on a Sunday night. He's such a hard worker and I know he does it not because he loves the corporate devil, but because he loves me:) On another note I'm bored so here's an update on what's been going on in the Algor household this past week.

I just finished another book and went to Barnes and Nobles tonight, but the hubby was with me so I couldn't browse long enough to find the next worthy read - maybe tomorrow.

My ultrasound results came back Tuesday. I can only report that there are no teeth/hair in the cyst. I have another appointment in a few weeks with a specialist and I'll update then.

Friday night we had dinner with the Erwin's, my sister in laws brother and his wife. They moved here in late May and this was the first time we've been able to see them because of our crazy busy summer schedule. We'll definitely be seeing much more of them in the months to come!

Saturday, Justin participated in a 6 mile Mud Run. Photos to come. Afterwards, we went to an awesome BBQ place close to our house and ate entirely too much.

Other than that our weekend was very relaxed. We love to lay around on the weekend watching movies. MY! How times have changed. It's crazy to think how your priorities change once you have that special someone in your life. We love sleeping late on Saturday's. We finally rolled out of bed at 12:45 only because King held his poor little bladder as long as he could. This once social butterfly, who never wanted to miss a social event, now prefers to stay at home with her husband and dog. I wouldn't want it any other way.

This time last year we had our first snowfall. I am happy to report that this coming week the lowest temperature expected is 85! Thank goodness! I may be ready for cooler weather, but I am NOT ready for snow yet ever.

We will be staying here for Thanksgiving this year! My mom wants to fly out and we will be having a few friends over that aren't flying back to the East Coast either. I've already started practicing my cooking skills! haha. Justin loved my sweet potato casserole last week.

Well, that's it for the most recent Algor musings. Off to bed!

I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed week. I'm starting mine off with a Starbucks, thats for sure!


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