Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catch Up

Sorry, The Algor Anthem has come last in my life lately. Life has been so hectic the last few weeks! I honestly don't know where time has gone! I've had some personal things to tackle on top of a huge work load which = no bloggy blog time. ha!

So, I guess I'll play catch up... again! I'm no good at this!

A few weekends ago, Justin took me to an indoor shooting range. I'm actually pretty legit, so I really wouldn't mess with me.

Last weekend we went camping with our friends in Zion National Park. We hiked 4 miles up to Observation Point and 4 miles down! I only complained a few thousand times. It was the best view in the park and actually is the beginning of the Grand Canyon.

And in black and white because camping = no showers = disgusting after a 8 mile hike!

And finally, a few pictures from the Mud Run that I never posted.

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