Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Weeks Update

Sorry if this stuff bores anyone, but it's mostly for me to remember my pregnancy and also for my family.

Justin and I had a little 'scare' last night so we went to the ER about 6:30 pm. I've been getting really sick and haven't been able to keep anything down so I was dehydrated and I was having sharp pains on my right side. My OB said I should probably get checked just in case it turned out to be a kidney infection. Everything turned out to be fine,  plus I got an IV to help with the dehydration stuff.

The scary part was when I had my (first) ultrasound and the ER doc said she couldn't see the other baby! Terrrrrriiiiiifffffffyyyyyiiinnnnggg! Of course everything takes forever in the ER so for them to order another scan and get me upstairs to that machine was about 30 minutes! To make matters worse, they wouldn't allow Justin to go with me :( Needless to say, the ultrasound tech found BOTH babies right away and their heartbeats were 183 and 185! Perfect to me :) Justin was so worried downstairs waiting on me - which took another 30 minutes - and he will probably not be happy when I write this, but when they rolled  me back in he was in tears when I told him that they were both perfect! He loves them so much already and I can't wait to see how wonderful a father he will be to them.

On Friday, we had another ob appointment. The ultrasound confirmed what we both knew 2 days earlier. The babies were 3/4" long and heartbeats were 185 and 189.

I'm going to have a first trimester panel which has to be done before 13 weeks so I'll probably do that next week. Our next appointment will be February 28th, hopefully the doctor will have a guess as to what our little peas in a pod will be !

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  1. Congrats Farabe!! I know you are so excited!!! I hope you get over being sick soon and enjoy your pregnancy. I can't wait to read all about it! :)