Thursday, February 24, 2011

...and [Blank] makes [BLANK!]

WOW! What a whirlwind of a day! Justin and I had our first OB appointment today. Justin worked from home to make sure he wasn't late (he's always late for everything!). Last night I read in all 7 of the books that I've purchased since January 1 to make sure we were having the right amount of care and I was asking the right questions. Justin went to Barnes and Nobles Wednesday night and purchased a cute pink leather notebook so that I could keep track of everything at our appointments, etc. so that's where I jotted down all 50 + questions for our new doctor.

The appointment started out with just the MA asking us questions and then telling us how far along we were (well, Duh! I obviously already had that calculated to the "T"). I had to have a urine test to check for any sugar in my urine which I will have every time I go. My blood pressure was 120/80, surprisingly I thought it would be much higher since I was SO excited! Dr Yamashiro came in and introduced himself and put me right at ease! He was so friendly and super nice. He asked Justin if he would rather be labeled in the computer as FOB (Father of Baby) or Sperm Donor! hahahah! Funny guy. He then got right down to business. I hopped up on the table for our ultrasound. Justin was at my head watching the screen closely. We see the sac ... and then Dr. Y decided he wants to do a more "invasive" (I prefer not to use the actual word here) ultrasound. Well, Justin and I both noticed something before he removed the abdominal ultrasound wand.
Dr. Y leaves and returns about 5 minutes later. The next few moments go something like this:
  • Ah, here it is. This is the sac. This is the baby. This is the heart beat (which is the cutest little flutter of a thing and you have to look ever so closely to see it beat). This is what the heart beat sounds like (135 bpm - which is really good).
  • And then, here's the other sac and the other baby. Hmm, let's see if this one has a heart beat, too! (Umm DUH! Yes Please). Yep, there's the flutter and here's the sound (another strong heart beat at 135 bpm).
  • I say "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Are you SERIOUS" (clearly I could see it). Dr. Y says "Man, she's already telling me to Shut Up?! haha"
  • Cue tears and me saying see Justin, I TOLD you we were having twins!
  • Justin - "Umm Dr. Yamashiro, are you sure she can handle this? She's really tiny!" [cue more love for the FOB+ies because he thinks I'm tiny - although he wont be saying that soon]
WOWZERS! We are having twins! We have another appointment at 9 weeks (Feb 4) to check and make sure things are progressing well.

Needless to say I didn't ask all the questions that I had planned, well, because we're having twins and that's exciting news! We will forever be Justin, Farabe', and King PLUS TWO!

We called my mom and Gran, both of them were balling their eyes out. My mom said she's known we were having twins for weeks now. (I guess we both have a very maternal instinct of knowing things lol). Nanny (Justin's mom) screamed, left work and went to purchase Twins book. haha!

Our first glimpse of The Baby Algor's

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