Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 Weeks

It's crazy to think that we're 8 weeks pregnant already! I thought it would take forever to get to this point since we found out so early. Only one more week until our little embryos are officially considered fetuses and only 4 more weeks until our first trimester is over with! woo hoo!

After our doctor appointment last Friday we took the remainder of the day/night to keep saying how excited and extremely blessed we were! God not only blessed us with one, but TWO! What a miracle. We are now part of a very special (elite- ha) club since not everyone has twins, although the percentage of twins has increased over the last few years. Saturday morning we had to wake up early for a fun photoshoot. The photographer hopes to sell these pictures to galleries all over the country! How fun would it be to be on a side street in NYC next year, pushing our double stroller, and see our faces?! I would for sure consider purchasing a print to show the kiddo-s that mommy, at one time, was slender haha! It was a long day and luckily Justin packed me snacks so I wouldn't get too sick. It worked for the time being, but wow! the second that I stepped foot in our house was not fun... or pretty. We also went shopping for a new, MUCH LARGER, car because Justin's tiny bmw just won't cut it with twins! Saturday night we had dinner with the Erwin's at our favorite restuarant, however, I don't think I will be able to go back in the next 30 or so weeks. Afterwards, we had tickets to one of the previews of a Sundance Film. Daddy liked it, mommy almost fell asleep and I definitely would have if daddy would have let me. Sunday we still had all the excitement in us so we went to Babies R Us. WOW! They have lots of 'stuff'. The shock feeling quickly set in when we began pricing things x 2. The double stroller is literally the size of a suburban and I looked so funny pushing it down the aisle. Hey, it's never too early to prepare and get ideas. Justin is so cute about our pregnancy and precautious. He only wants the best for the babies and me which is so sweet!

On to this week. Monday - Sick!, Tuesday - MORE SICK!, Wednesday - Sick! It seems to be a growing trend. I asked Justin Tuesday night to please not leave me pregnant... with twins... because I've been able to do absolutely zero in our house for what seems like forever now. Today (wednesday) I text him and asked if I could go live in a hotel for the remaining 4 weeks of our first trimester, because the house made me feel worse. I can't explain it, but the second I step foot inside the house, toilet here I come.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll attempt to clean/ be a productive housewife. I kid!

8 weeks tummy

I had to "suck in" because Justin swore I was pushing out my stomach. haha


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