Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Weeks

Today "Baby Algor" is the size of a blueberry! Sweet little thing is gettin' so big :) haha. I think I spoke too soon with my posts on week 5 and 6. Shortly after passing week 6, I started not feeling so hot. Last Saturday was really tough for me. I was exhausted, even though I had ample sleep, I wanted certain things to eat and the thought of certain foods made me quesy. I feel like I sat in front of the porcelin throne all day Saturday, but just couldn't throw up - I thought it would at least make me feel better. No such luck. Oh well, certainly no complaints coming from me. Sunday I was fine. Monday, I started a new territory - well part of my new territory anyway. I had to drive about 45 miles north of SLC so I got up early (not knowing how long it would take) and only had a banana to eat. BIG MISTAKE. yikes! About my third office - mid morning - I had to peace out because they were about to really 'meet me.' But another fail. I've come to the conclusion that I MUST eat a little something every 2 1/2 hours or I will feel like crap. I've started packing little snacks to get me through to lunch and the afternoon. With all this eating, I really should be the size of a house, but nope I'm down 2 pounds still. Justin and I go for our first REAL appointment on Friday and we're so excited. I'll update (hopefully with our first picture then)

We love you little blueberry Algor!



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