Wednesday, March 9, 2011

14 Weeks & Park City

This past weekend we had visitors (Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Monica, and cousin Jack) from Michigan. We rented a house in Park City for the weekend and had a fabulous time taking it easy and EATING! The guys went skiing Saturday and the mommies to be napped... alot (Monica is 24 weeks pregnant).

Monday I woke up with a shooting, terrible pain in my left side. I tried not to think alot about it, but that was hard when the pain kept getting worse throughout the day. Of course, being the paranoid person that I am, I called the OB. I thought maybe it was a kidney infection or kidney stone (yikes!), but after a renal ultrasound came up clear of anything we were back to the drawing board. THEN it hit me! Shingles! This is the second time I've had them - the other time was right before we moved to Utah, which in my opinion should be expected. Thank goodness those weren't bad, very mild, but I could at least take medicine then. Being pregnant the medicine benefits don't outweigh the risks to the babies. That's okay, because luckily they aren't bad this time either. I feel much better today than Monday. I literally could not walk I was in so much pain!

The babies were doing great though when they quickly checked on them during my renal ultrasound.

My birthday is in exactly one week (16th) so guess what my gift to myself is going to be ?!?!?! Daddy and I are going to Fetal Foto to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done to determine the genders of our babies! We can't wait. Justin has been trying to talk me into cheating and going this week, but I think that will be the BEST 27th birthday present ever! Hopefully, I don't cave in between now and then :)

I had my first person ask me if I was pregnant this week! She thought I was 20 weeks. Ha! Funny girl! :(
I also had to wear a "bella band" for the first time with a pair of my dress pants. I normally wear dresses and tights to work so I may have possibly needed it much earlier since I look "so huge".

14 weeks!

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