Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Just In...

Its Official! I have THE sweetest husband in the entire world! The End.

No, seriously he is amazing. This weekend he had a surprise birthday party for me! I was actually really surprised, too! Saturday night about 5:30 he told me that I should shower because he had invited two of his work friends over to watch the UConn game. I said "Well I'll just stay in our bedroom. I don't really feel like getting ready." To which he responded "Well, why don't you shower? You'll feel better and (my favorite party) I don't want my friends to think that when you get married it all goes down hill." ummm haha okay. I guess I'll shower! About 6:15 I showered, guys were coming over at 6:30. Justin ran to the store to get more food for them so when they arrived I went to the door in a sweatshirt and leggings - my go to during pregnancy. We chatted. I asked what one of the guys girlfriends was doing tonight and he said she was at home studying for the MCAT. Smart girl. Literally one minute later she walks in our front door. I was a little confused, but figured she was just there to watch the game with her boy. :) I think she saw the shock on my face. haha. She said well why don't you get ready? You'll feel better. Okay, Okay, I get it. I don't look myself. So I went back into the bathroom, did my makeup, attempted to find something that fit - FAIL!- opted for my Jo's jeans with the bella band, and a long sleeve shirt. I walk out and low and behold there are pink streamers, a happy birthday sign, princess pinata, and lots more people! Thank goodness I changed clothes.

Courtney, Sarah, and Lauren
Getting The Pinata Ready
It fell down, but didn't break. So, Take 2
The Babies Gave It Their All
Team Work, Baby!
Apparently I wasn't a fan of some of the candy.

It was a great night with great food, a few games of catch phrase (our absolute favorite), and time spent with great friends and an even more amazing husband! Thanks Justin for a memorable birthday weekend!

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