Friday, March 18, 2011

15 on the 16th... weeks that is, not my age

Today is my BIRTHDAY! The BIG 2-7! WOW! I can't believe how fast time has flown by the past couple of years. Justin and I are going to our big gender reveal ultrasound and that by far will be the best birthday present I could receive. Afterwards, we're going to a nice dinner and I can't wait to eat, eat, eat! ha!

Last week, Justin gave me my birthday present early. He gave me a beautiful Michael Kors watch. It's actually the one that I told him I wanted just a few days before Christmas, but he had already finished up all of his shopping. He's great at remembering things that I want :)

Gran sent me some baby things for my birthday because truth is I don't need/want anything and I love baby stuff these days!

The Final Guesses for what our babies are:

Me: 2 boys
Justin: boy and girl
GiGi (my mom, she's picked a new grandma name): boy and girl
Nanny (Justin's mom): 2 girls
Poppy (Justin's dad): boy and girl
Great-Gran (my Gran): boy and girl or 2 girls

I guess someone will be right :)

Not only am I 27 today, but also 15 weeks pregnant! I am FINALLY feeling better (thank goodness). I've probably gone over a week without getting sick! It's been amazing. Where I've lacked in the 'sick department' I have definitely made up for in the 'sleep department.' Wow this mommy to be can sleep!

I have picked out the cribs that I want - I think - maybe I won't change my mind... again. I do love the ones that I've picked out though and can't wait to share them with you. Now, I need to narrow down my "I love bedding list". My number one pick may not be practical once we find out what we're having ... Guess we'll see :)

I'll leave you with the best birthday card I've ever received, from my mom of course. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I guess MOST things don't change. Let's all say a little prayer that my husband won't have to take care of 3 girls, because he would have his hands full and have to have a couple of jobs! haha

Left: Me when I was 5.
Right: Top 10 Miss South Carolina USA at 22, I think I was 22 ?

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