Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Black Tie

Justin and I are attending our first black tie event in Salt Lake City! We're both very accustomed to getting 'all done up' for military balls and sorority formals, but this is different! It means we're grown ups! haha. Goldman Sachs, Inc. sponsored a table and we were 2 of the 10 that were invited to join in on the fun! It's always nice to rub shoulders with the big guys at GS! Justin's hard work definitely pays off :)

I found out this morning about the event and before I could think that "hey, you're pregnant and probably don't have anything you can fit into." I said we would absolutely be going and couldn't be more excited. Well, then reality set in and I realized that all of my dresses - and I have way too many to count - would definitely not be accommodating to the new accessory. haha. Lucky me, my husband doesn't get mad when I shop for myself so I went out and purchased a new dress (non maternity thank you very much) and can't wait to wear it. I don't feel like it screams attention to my bump or say "stay out of the drive thru" and people think I'm larger and not pregnant at all. yikes ! I can't wait to wear it - I just hope it fits next week! Now, I just need to decide if I think I can make it in heels all night or should I wear flats?! The dress is floor length so no one would know right?! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures because I'm positive this will be our last formal event for awhile!