Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half Way There

You're probably wondering how we're half way there since a full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but in the land of twins one is considered full term at 36 weeks! Lucky ME!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 18 weeks! Half way there
Size of babies: 5.6 inches, 6.7 ounces. The size of a sweet potato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Finally gaining weight! So far about 11 lbs. ONLY 50 more to go! EEK!
Maternity Clothes: While I was in Vegas I purchased a pair of white pregnancy skinny jeans and a few pregnancy T-Shirts! They're all still too big, but I like thinking ahead especially since SLC doesn't have great maternity shops! Hopefully, I won't look too big in the white skinny jeans. Ha!
Gender: 2 boys! Hudson Graham Algor and Thayer Grant Algor
Movement: I started feeling them move about a week ago! Right now it just feels like a little nudge and Justin can't feel it yet which he says is "selfish of me!" haha! Normally, I feel them most while I'm sitting in bed before I fall asleep.
Sleep: Ahh Sleep! Since Vegas I've been sleeping pretty well. I don't think I've been getting up as much in the middle of the night which is a huge blessing! I can sleep thru the night in daddy decides not to snore! Sorry, sweetie.
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach. I think I'm turning in to the "Princess and the Pea". We added a feather mattress to our already pillow top mattress, I sleep with a pregnancy pillow and 4 other pillows cushioning me and I still can't get comfortable!I also started thinking about our Florida trip more - when I'll be 25 weeks - and how I won't be 'swimsuit ready'. It's all relative though!
Cravings: Tangerines, Sweet Tea - although, I'm not allowed to have any :(, Magnolia's on 26th in Myrtle Beach. I'm really trying to plan a trip just to go eat.
Symptoms: Pressure pains and low back pain, but nothing too serious thank goodness!
Best Moment this week: feeling our little ones move more and knowing that we really don't have that much longer until we can meet them!

18 Weeks

6 weeks/ Flat tummy :\
18 Weeks... bye bye bikini body

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