Wednesday, May 11, 2011

23 Weeks

Hello, all! If we're friends on facebook then you may have read a request for LOTS of thoughts and prayers for our boys. They are greatly appreciated. Way more than you will ever know. God answers prayers and I can already see Him answering them - even from this morning!

So, without too much detail because I've already done my fair share of crying today, we had our monthly perinatologist appointment this morning. The boys are measuring right where they are supposed to be and are very healthy. The appointment was just to check their measurements, but because Justin and I were planning on leaving the country Friday, I asked the tech to check my cervix to make sure it was still looking "long and healthy." Long story short, she went to get Dr. Gildy (who is AMAZING) and he checked it. In about a months time my cervix has gone from 4.5 cm to 11 mm, not good. He performed a fetal fibronectin test and I guess the easiest way to explain what that is is just to think of it as the glue that kind of holds everything together. If the test came back negative it meant that the glue was still holding it together and not leaking and if it came back positive it was leaking and within a COUPLE of weeks we would be meeting Hudson and Thayer, well before their due date. He was concerned that it would come back positive because my cervix is so short now. We went through lots of benefits/risks and basically all that can be done for me right now is to have a weekly progesterone shot, in my bum, stay off my feet because that will add more pressure to my cervix and wait. We'll go back to him next Wednesday to measure my cervix again.

After a HUGE meltdown and talking to family and friends and PRAYING for a negative result to come back a peace came over me. I really and truly felt/feel like all will be okay. At 2:00 the doctor office called and said that my results came back negative, nothing was leaking, and we shouldn't worry about going into labor in the next 2 weeks, but to not do anything until they see me again next week. Justin and I are very optimistic that the progesterone shots will help slow the process down. In just a matter of hours God had answered my prayers and the prayers of those that immediately started praying for us. GOD IS GOOD! As for now, we're playing the waiting game. Justin says we are living in 2 week increments, which is how often we will be having the fetal fibronectin (fFn) test done. I guess I didn't give you the shortened version. sorry.

On another note the boys stats were:
Hudson Graham: 1 pound, 2 ounces. 165 beats per minute
Thayer Grant: 1 pound, 1 ounce. 155 beats per minute

They are right beside each other with their heads right below my belly button and feet sticking straight up. They're doing head stands :) I've also been feeling amazing other than this little obstacle! The boys have gotten way stronger and I can actually see my stomach move now when they kick. I love the feeling and Justin loves to watch my tummy move haha. I WILL keep these boys in until it's time for them to come out and meet the world.

No picture because I've been in the bed since I got home from the doctor obviously.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.



  1. Hi...i just wanted to reach out because i am pretty much in the EXACT situation only real difference is I am a surrogate :) I started a blog myself to document this new journey of bedrest so I thought what the heck maybe another woman is going through this as well (which is how i found ur blog) we found out my cervix is down to 1.4 so I am on bedrest and vaginal progesterone. I would love to email w/you --

    hopefully we can talk soon,


    PS we are almost to 24 weeks!!

  2. Thinking of the Algors.. I hope you are able to take this time and relax a bit before the boys arrive. All that positive thinking and all those many prayers from across the country (literally) will have them on time I just know it! Love you girl!

    Oh yes, and if I haven't told you yet, your boys' names are BRILLIANT. I just can't get over it. muah*