Monday, May 9, 2011

It's the little things that mean the most

This past weekend was Mother's Day! I've already told everyone how wonderful and great the females are in our lives! I hope it was just as special for them as it was for me! I totally didn't expect anyone to think of me this year, but I was so wrong. I received so many cards, texts, and messages wishing me a happy mother-to-be day! It was so special and the cards will be going in the boy's baby book(s).

I haven't been sleeping well lately partially because it takes alot for me to get comfortable, partially because King walks all over me in the middle of the night because he gets hot and then cold and then hot. I have to lift the covers for him to get back under - yes, he sleeps under the covers curled up in a little ball, tucked behind my knees since I sleep on my side now - I digress, and partially mainly because my husband has picked up a new "habit" called the art form of snoring! Good grief, the man can snore and won't wake up for anything.

Saturday, I finally had enough and got up at 5 am and started cleaning (dusting, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, 'windexing' everything I could find ha) and finally fell back asleep on the couch just as he was waking up so that meant I had to get up also. Tulips are in bloom in Utah right now and I have never seen so many in my entire life. Seriously, every single yard has them - even the yards that look as if no one has cared one thing about it in years. I've been wanting to go to the Tulip Festival, but since I didn't get much sleep the night before I opted to go to Red Butte Gardens where I thought for sure they would have lots of tulips. Instead, they had 230,000 daffodils! Seriously, 230,000! Who counted those? Anyway, it was a beautiful day and Justin and I walked around the gardens for an hour or so and then went to have lunch at a Middle Eastern Cuisine place! Yummy. Saturday afternoon was beautiful and I convinced him to put a sheet in the front yard, us put on our swimsuits and lay out. haha. It was very comical. I mean it was all of 76, but it was hot and beautiful for those of us that haven't had ANY sun lately. Later, we went to get yogurt and I took a nap.
Saturday night we went to dinner (at 2 different restaurants - what can I say, I didn't like anything on the menu once we sat down at the first one) and then to our friends new loft downtown. It was such a great day for me - it's the little things lately!

Sunday, again little sleep until 3 am so I went to slept in the guest bedroom/soon to be nursery and was surprised with breakfast in bed from hubby and King! It was so sweet of him. Then we all took another nap until 1:30 PM! Holy Smokes! I've been wanting In-N-Out burger - never tried it before so we took a little road trip (about 10 miles) to get it and OMG! It was AH-MAZING! Laundry was on our to- do list for the rest of the day and we also sat downstairs on the computer together for awhile looking at baby stuff! Justin made me dinner (steaks and baked potatoes) for dinner and then we watched TV in bed. He's on an Animal Planet kick lately - I think we watched something called Hogs Gone Wild?!

See, it really is the little things in life that make me so happy these days! I love spending quality time with the hubs, just the two of us. I can't wait to see what this weekend has in store for us! I mean after all it IS our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! Where did this past year get to?

And because I found another pig downtown and the Cottingham's LOVE pigs:


  1. You have the cutest maternity clothes. I need to know where you get them so I can try to be as cute as you next time I'm pregnant!

  2. LOVE tulips! These pictures are great.