Thursday, May 26, 2011

A miracle at 25 weeks

Yestrerday was 25 weeks for us and also our MFM appointment. Tuesday, I couldn't sleep from anxiety and about 10 pm I was having the absolute worst pains in my stomach and hips. I started monitoring them more closely once I realized they weren't going away. About 2 am I finally fell asleep for a few hours. I was so close to calling our doctor, but I knew I would be seeing him in a few short hours. Thank goodness for early morning appointments!

The nurse was able to get two cute 3d face pics of our little guys before the dr came in to perform the fFN test and check my cervix. Their heartbeats were 150 (HGA) and 149 (TGA).

Hudson at 25 weeks, I think he has my nose

Thayer Grant at 25 weeks, he didn't want to have his picture taken. He has daddy's lips!

Luckily, the pains had stopped, but I asked him about it anyway. Apparently, the little ones decided they wanted to completely switch sides with one another. Hudson since day 1 has been on my right side and the lowest. Now, Thayer Grant is on my right side and lowest. The doctor said it was very unusual, but not uncommon and that they probably weren't going to be able to do that again since they are getting much bigger now. You're probably wondering how I know (since they are both boys) which one is where, but it's all determined on where their placenta's are attached. Needless to say, that explains the terrible pains. I hope they stay put from here on out.

In other news, my cervix was measuring 15mm (it was 11mm at 23 weeks) and while it is supposed to be at least 35mm and we aren't anywhere close to that, I think it's a miracle that it appears to be holding as strong as it can and the funneling isn't getting any worse. Dr. Dildy says he can't attribute the change to any one thing (shots, bed rest, or if my body was just going to do it on it's own) but we are so happy to know that for at least another week we'll all be okay and that we will make it to our 26 week mini goal! Our fFN came back negative also! Nothing short of a miracle, but these babies are definitely our little miracles anyway :)

Yesterday, we received a HUGE box full of things for the boys from Nanny (Justin's mom). I 'celebrated' our good news on the sofa for a few minutes while I hung up some of their new clothes. Their closet is almost full for sure now :)

I look like a whale here and I haven't straightened my hair in 2 weeks.

Yikes! all the hangers haha

And.. a few Pregnancy High lites:

Total Weight Gain/Loss: GAIN! duh... 27 pounds, but it really is only in my belly. Sounds crazy, but my face hasn't gained any weight, neither has my arms, and I can still (thigh wise anyway) pull up my size 0 white pants from J.Crew. They button with the help of my trusty bella band.

Movement: They move alot early in the morning and at night and depending on what I eat during the day and if they like it or not. haha

Sleep: Thing of the past.
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach, being able to travel and get out of bed :(

Cravings: I'm surprised I really haven't had any real cravings. Yesterday, I wanted Mexican food.
Best Moment this week: The great news we received at our appointment!
25 weeks belly.


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  1. glad you're all doing well! I can't believe the boys are dare devils already ; )