Thursday, June 2, 2011

More shots :/

Wednesday marked 26 weeks and today pushed us past our mini goal we had set at 24 weeks. I'm feeling great, but I have been the entire time. We had our appointment at MFM this morning. Justin didn't take the day off like he normally does because we felt confident that everything was going well. He did end up coming though. We had our weekly cervical length check, fFN test, and we also did the boys' measurements.
Cervical length was down (shorter) than last week - went from 15 mm to 12 mm, but fFN test came back negative which is a good thing. When they went to measure the boys we noticed that Thayer Grant was measuring smaller than Hudson, but tech told us not to stress she still needed to put the measurements in a percentage.

Hudson weighed 2 pounds, heart beat 157. 42nd percentile
Thayer Grant weighed 1.9 pounds, heart beat 152. 12th percentile

Obviously, one can tell that their percentiles are significantly different. We aren't concerned with Hudson because he is measuring perfectly for our gestation age, however, TG is behind. After a doppler ultrasound we found out that he has a resistance in his placenta. Basically, his umbilical cord isn't pushing through all of the nutrients and things that he needs to grow like his bigger brother.

After many, many, shed tears and discussions over what this meant I went to be monitored for contractions. I wasn't having any thank goodness.

So for our course of action:
In addition to my weekly cervix check, fFN test, and progesterone shot I will also be having an umbilical cord Doppler done to see if he is progressing and to make sure there is no reversal in blood flow. As of 5:30 today, I have received my first shot of betamethasone aka steroid shot to develop their lungs faster. I will have another one tomorrow around 5:30 at the hospital. Hey, we were finally able to visit the Labor and Delivery wing at the hospital.
If our little guy continues on this track we will definitely have to deliver sooner rather than later and that is why we had to go ahead and start the steroid shot. It takes 48-72 hours for the twins to start getting the full benefit of the BMZ.

We are hopeful of a couple of things: cervix is holding strong.... Way to go cervix! Tests keep coming back negative. That we will make it to 28 weeks to give them the best chance of things being more developed, and we are at least receiving the steroid shots to speed things up!

We pray that next week (Tuesday), the doppler won't pick up anything new or show a greater resistance in blood flow. Next Tuesday is a big day! We see our OB, get a progesterone shot, and see our specialist. We will also probably be having a non-stress test done every 2 weeks, but more on that if we have to do it.

That's all for now. Please keep us in your prayers and pray/beg God to let our little ones grow faster and stronger each day! Please pray for my sanity too! I feel like I can't take much more bad news, but I know God wont give me more than I can handle.


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