Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{ 28 weeks }

Ahhh. What a beautiful number to see! Five weeks ago it seemed like we would never make it this far. Gosh, according to our doctors we were supposed to have these babies at 26 weeks. Here we are at a huge milestone, not that each week isn't a huge milestone, but this is one we never thought we would reach!

I'm blogging the first part of this post before our big appointment. I never know what state of mind I will be in when we leave the specialists office so I wanted the beginning of this post to be as optimistic as we are today. After all, it is a special day:)

Hopefully, the latter part of this post will be equally as cheerful.

A few pregnancy highlights for this week so that I can remember:

Weight gain: 30 pounds. Justin makes me weigh myself numerous times a day. At this point I'm not sure if it's because he wants me to stop eating as much or if he wants me to eat more haha. I think it's the second guess.

Sleep: seriously, what is that? The past few weeks I have had the worst sleep ever. I can handle getting up 5 times a night to pee, but when I do lay back down I think I should be able to fall peacefully back to sleep. Not the case. I can't get comfortable, the tendons (at least thats what the nurse says is the issue) in my stomach feel like they are trying to move a 50 lb bowling ball when I turn from my left side to my right side. Still sleeping with the snoodle, although I think it gets in the way more than helps, and 3 extra pillows.

Stretch marks: zero so far, yay! I'm hoping that since my mom didn't get any I won't get any. Supposedly, it's hereditary... That definitely wasn't the case with the morning sickness :( I've been applying stretch mark cream since day 1 though haha... Hey, one can never be too careful when there's two babies growing inside of them!

Movement: the boys are already on different schedules. Hudson is most active in the mornings when Justin is up getting ready for work. Thayer is most active at night around 11 when we are getting ready for bed. I still feel them a lot throughout the day, especially about an hour after I eat something.

I think this is all of the major highlights, but I definitely have baby brain these days. It's probably a good thing I'm on bed rest because I'm positive I wouldn't be able to articulate what I wanted to say to my physicians about the pharmaceuticals that I "push". Haha! I'm doing good to have a normal conversation with my family and friends. My poor friend Brittani has to hear me at least once a day say "And I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but I know I had a reason to." or as I'm in the middle of the story "I completely forgot what I was saying." So, B, I'm sorry.

Now, I'm just waiting on Justin to come pick me up for our appointment. Hopefully, I will get new pictures of our handsome boys.

And we're back...
Cervix is unchanged (awesome) so after next weeks appointment we won't be monitoring that anymore unless I start "feeling different". I have zero funneling and therefore am not effaced any :) no dilation either. I'll continue the progesterone shots until 34 weeks and after that no more.

Hudson weighed 2 lbs 7 oz and Thayer weighed 2 lbs 2 oz. He is still in a lower percentile, but because he has grown and his dopplers looked good they aren't very concerned. After next weeks appointment we will check growths every 2 weeks.

They do want me to start doing non stress tests every week, but they said that was normal to start between 28-30 weeks anyway.

I'm allowed to be a little more active. I'm not confined to bed anymore so currently I am blogging from our front porch while reclined in a padded lawn chair, compliments of our next door neighbor.

I'm feeling very lazy right now. Too lazy to get up and grab the next ultrasound pictures to post. I guess its from all of the stress/worry of todays appointment. I'll post their pictures next time I blog.

Yes, I dressed up to celebrate our milestone.

Tuesday's belly before my weekly shot.

Looks way bigger with my shirt down.

Thanks for all your prayers and sweet messages!!!

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  1. GIRL, I had NO idea when you said you were able to do more that meant you were going to the prom after the appointment!
    Just kidding. LOVE u.