Monday, June 20, 2011

So much to think about...

With us nearing our delivery (only 8 weeks until 37 weeks) it has got me thinking about all the things I need to do ASAP. I made a list today of all of those things and honestly it scares me to death to think about all I need to accomplish in 2 short months!

One of those things is our boy's vaccination schedule. I know some people don't agree with a delayed schedule while some do. The bottom line is no one really knows what causes autism. While doing a little research online, I also read that the pertussis vaccine, that you can't get as a single dose, could play a role in SIDs which peaks between 2-4 months of age. There is also some research that suggests all 36 vaccines that babies get before the age of 2 could play a role in the increased cases to childhood diabetes and other issues.

I have never been one to take medicine unnecessarily. I would rather suffer a headache than take a tylenol. Obviously, I believe that certain medical conditions require medicine, but I don't think people should take medicine as soon as they get a little sniffle. My point is that never was I planning on having to take progesterone shots every week or get a beta methasone shot when we first became pregnant. Don't get me wrong I take my prenatal vitamins and extra folic acid religiously and was doing so months before we got pregnant. I already feel like my babies are getting exposed to medicines that others don't. Lets face it, all medicines have side effects and I don't want my babies to be poked and prodded with all these unnecessary shots they don't need when they are just weeks old.

There are so many different schedules online as far as vaccinations go. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as the delayed schedules go?
We do want to have them vaccinated, but don't want them to get them all at once.

Okay, back to my list of to-do's....


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  1. I would suggest that you check out Dr. Sears' vaccine schedule. I have a pretty open minded pediatrician - I took Dr. Sears' alternative schedule in with me and we came up with a combination of the AAP and the alternative schedule that we both could live with. It has added a few extra trips to the Ped. but for me it was worth it.

  2. If you are dead set on vaccinating your children then listen to Ms. Lovely and check out Dr. Sears. He has a lot of information on delayed scheduling etc. But for the here and now, ask yourself why your newborn will be given a hepatitis shot since its unlikely he has it nor is he likely to get it in childhood. If you consider the answer maybe fill out a waiver...Whatever you choose to do, good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and God bless your baby son!