Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 weeks

Wednesday morning I went for my, now weekly, non-stress test (NST). Thankfully, it was pretty uneventful. I only had 4 small contractions while being hooked up to the TOCA and the boys were doing great. Hudson's heart rate was 145 and Thayer's was 140. Next week we'll actually see the specialist and have another growth scan done! I can't wait to see how much they've gained. They did tell me that Hudson is now breach, but I can live with that because I HIGHLY doubt that I'm going to be pushing both of these babies out naturally anyway. At my last OB appointment they did give me a tentative c-section day of August 24th - so 8 weeks away!

Nothing else is new this week. We're still working on getting their nursery finished. We have most of their bedding in, still waiting on the crib skirts to come in. We still have to order a glider - we've narrowed it down to two. Justin wants one that is a little more modern since our nursery isn't exactly traditional. Me personally, I want one that's comfy and has a tall back. I plan on making him decide TONIGHT which one he wants because it's going to take a few weeks for it to get in I'm sure.

Last weekend, I did get out of the house long enough to test drive our next potential car. Now, they're just trying to locate the color and package, etc. that we want! I mean lets face it - the twins, king, mommy and daddy aren't all going to fit into Justin's little BMW. Not to mention, the 18 wheeler sized stroller.

My to- do list is getting longer by the day. I still need to wash all of their clothes, sheets, basically everything. Maybe we can get that done this weekend. We'll see.

That's all I've got today, so I leave you with the incredible, expanding tummy.

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