Wednesday, July 13, 2011

32 weeks

(Cue the choir) oh, happy day! Oh, happy day! We made it to yet another goal and huge milestone for these sweet little babies. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness for all those out there that have said tons of prayers for us. It truly is a blessing from our Savior that we are still pregnant. , so thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers and thank you dear Lord for hearing these prayers!

Yesterday, I had my 32 week OB appointment. I lost a whole pound - ha! My blood pressure was much higher than normal at 137/87 (I'm usually around 115/75). They obviously weren't concerned, but because my job is selling blood pressure medicine I always freak a little too much when anyone has pressure over 120/80. I have a monitor at home, so I've been taking it and its gone back down. I measured 36 cm, aka 36 weeks. It really explains so much as to why I'm out of breath, can't sleep, can't eat too much, have indigestion, basically miserable. I don't even want to talk about how hot I get. Justin bought a fan for our room and it attempts to keep me cool during the night. Meanwhile, hubs and King sleep under a down comforter. Sorry, guys.

I won't be seeing our regular OB next week because he'll be out of town, but we will pick back up on our weekly appointments the following week (34 weeks). I will also start having NST's twice a week then. Next week, I will only be seen for an NST, which means I won't be seeing an actual physician for 2 weeks - the longest I've gone in almost 10 weeks, so pray everything will continue to go well until then.

Only 2 more progesterone shots left ! I've really come to get use to that weekly shot in my bum, but yesterday's really did a number on my ever growing backside. I woke up this morning and it looks and feels like I was stung by a monstrous size bee. Its a huge welt! Strange since I've never had problems before.

Well ladies and Justin (since I found out he saw his sympathy belly picture posted on here- again, I love you daddy-to-be) I'm off to shower and get ready for my NST. I'll update more when I return!!!

(7 hours later)

I'm just walking in the door from my NST. Needless to say, I had 6 contractions in 30 minutes so I was sent down to labor and delivery. Why would I ever think these appointments would go smoothly? I'm actually proud of myself because when they said they were sending me downstairs I didn't cry or freak out or think the worst. Justin wasn't even with me! I ever so calmly called him and said to come to the hospital and I would be in room number 14. By the time I got downstairs and changed into the ever so stylish hospital gown he was walking into my room. Poor guy, I'm sure I scared him to death because I didn't give any more details other than to come.

I was hooked up for more monitoring and the nurse went to find our OB, who just happened to be there visiting another patient who is also pregnant with twins - she's 33 weeks. They performed a fFN and checked to see if I was dilated. I wasn't luckily, but they said my cervix was "soft". Can we please discuss how terrible, almost unbearable, those checks are. I think I broke Justin's hand and I definitely had tears in my eyes. Pretty sure that confirmed how these babies would make their debut into this world.

I was given a medicine to Stop slow my contractions. Before the medicine they were 8 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds.

I am home now, still having contractions, though not as frequent. I have to go back tomorrow morning for another NST and I guess we will take it from there ladies and gents.

I did snap a few pics while I was just laying around "doing nothing".

Obviously before my date with L and D

Cue supportive husband, asleep. Haha

And the awesome graph at the bottom is a contraction. The top is the boys heartbeats. Who is awesome and can take pictures during contractions?! Haha. This was about 45 minutes after the medicine.

Okay, now that everyone knows what that looks like, I'm off to bed. Well, I've decided to finally pack my hospital bag (just in case tomorrow turns out like today). Did I mention they wouldn't allow me to eat? I hadn't eaten since noon either. The nerve!


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