Wednesday, July 20, 2011

33 weeks

...which means (at most) we have 5 weeks left until our handsome first born son will arrive, followed very closely by our equally handsome second born son. We are both so excited we can barely stand it.

We would both do anything in the world for them and we love them so much already. These are truly the children we prayed and asked begged God for. In some ways it seems like yesterday that we were trying so desperately to get pregnant, but in other ways it seems like forever ago. Either way, God had a plan and these boys were part of it!

If you would have asked me 10 weeks ago where I thought we would be right now I would have probably said visiting our boys in the NICU. Every doctor we saw prepared us mentally that we would be delivering very soon. Much sooner than later. Here I am though, 10 weeks, 12 shots, 15 ultrasounds, 7 or so NST's, 2 visits to labor and delivery, and countless tears and even more prayers later... Still pregnant! You can't sit there read this and say that this wasn't part of God's master plan too! Everything is on His time, not mine, not our doctors. All I can do is thank Him everyday (which I do numerous times) for keeping these babies safe inside my womb and allowing them to grow, and grow, and grow!

I only have one shot left, next week. After which, the shots are not indicated for use. Am I scared ? Yes. I'm scared that once the medicine isn't in my system anymore, it will cause my cervix to shrivel back up to the lack of existence it was at 23 weeks. I'm not ready for these babies to come out yet. They still need more time, but again God knows the perfect time for them to come, I do not. I am scared because every day that passes I seem to have more and far worse contractions than the day before. I am scared that I won't be able to get in touch with Justin if he's at work when the real "it's time" hits. There are so many things that I'm scared about, but I know God is in control as He has been the entire time.

My bags are packed. The must-haves have been purchased. My moms flight is booked. The hospital call/text list is made. Our pediatrician is picked. The only thing I can do now is sit back and wait, which is a good thing because I physically feel like I can't do anything else, especially the past few days.

I have my weekly NST at 2:00 today. I hope it goes better than last weeks. Next week, I have four appointments. I will start the NSTs twice a week from here on out, we have a growth scan at MFM, and I will see our regular OB. Busy week!

If there is anything to update on after my appointment today, I will be sure to add that in.

Quick follow up...

I was sent down again to labor and delivery because my contractions were too close. They were 4-7 minutes apart and lasting for 60-70 seconds each. I called Justin to tell him what was happening, but told him not to worry about coming. I'm sure I would just get meds and be sent home. Sweet boy showed up anyway. Needless to say, especially since this was my third time in l and d in a week they sent me home with a rx so I could take it if the contractions get too bad.

I haven't needed the medicine today (Thursday) and I'm excited because we have our first newborn care class tonight ;)

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  1. You have made it so far. Sounds like the baby boys are doing great. Little boys are so much fun and they absolutely love their mama! Can't wait until they get here.

  2. how cute are you!!!!! We are SO close!! Isn't it crazy! Can't wait to follow your journey :)

  3. AAAAHHH! SO excited. So many prayers for you and the boys. Can't wait to hug your neck and kiss the babies.... and give your Mama a big hug too!! xoxoxoxo