Friday, July 29, 2011

34 weeks

Every day, every week is a blessing! Yesterday, I had my MFM appointment to get my weekly NST monitoring and we also had a growth scan! I only had one contraction, but my "irritability" is definitely increasing. Afterwards, was the big growth scan. Hudson weighed 5 pounds 1 ounce and is very, very low. I can't describe how low he is on here without sharing TMI, but he's head down and low haha trust me! Thayer weighed 4 pounds. He is transverse with his head on my left side and bum on right and sweet legs kicking his brother in the head, which feels like he's kicking him out.

We have another growth scan in 2 weeks and the specialist said if Thayer's growth has slowed down, we will more than likely go ahead and deliver. Thank goodness, we are in the safe zone now!

I felt great yesterday. I told Justin that I definitely felt like I could make it way longer... Maybe even to 38 weeks. Today, I feel like I can't make it to tomorrow. It's not that I feel huge, I can deal with that, today I just feel like there's so much pressure down there that I can barely walk without being in terrible pain. Forget being comfortable when I try to sleep. I only get an hour and a half, two hours max in between bathroom breaks at night. Definitely preparing me for lots of nighttime feedings. I'm glad Justin is a heavy sleeper right now, but I sure hope he isn't when the boys arrive haha!

Justin bought my "push" gift this past weekend. We he finally decided what kind of car to get. We got a black Yukon Denali and I love it. It has plenty of room and then some to grow. He is already ready for us to have another baby. I just laugh. Trust me, it will be a while!

As far as the nursery goes, still waiting on those last few items to complete it. I did get a call today that the slipcover for our glider will be delivered tomorrow - finally. I am having something framed and the store told me two weeks and that's the last thing I needed so then I will finally take pictures of our nursery. Maybe the boys will be in them haha.

Justin's co workers gave him a sweet daddy to be shower today and invited me. It was so thoughtful and we got lot of great things!

And for the rest of this post I'm just going to do quick highlights so that I can remember.
Weight gain : 39 pounds, lost a few probably from sweating to death in this heat
Stretch marks : zero so far
Cravings : fruit, really wanting sweet tea, but I can hold out for a few more weeks.

I'm going to measure my belly around sometime this week and I'll add that when I can.


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  1. Delighted I stumbled on your blog today. I am now your newest follower :) Sounds like you'll be a mommy soon! Congrats to you and your hubby!