Tuesday, August 2, 2011

35 weeks

Today, we are 35 weeks pregnant with Hudson and Thayer! I say "we" because Justin is just as much a part of this as I am. He has had to do so much for us throughout this pregnancy that he deserves more credit than I do. So, thank you dear husband. You will be the best daddy in the world!

Monday, I had my first (for this week anyway) NST. Hudson had the hiccups so it was really hard to keep him on the monitor, therefore, I was there for what felt like forever. I had a few contractions and geez they were very uncomfortable! I actually tried to remember my breathing techniques that we learned in our birthing class. Ha! I'm not actually sure they worked... I guess it made me concentrate on breathing instead of what I was actually experiencing. The contractions really must have exhausted me because by the time I got home (4 pm) I couldn't do anything except sit on the couch.

Tuesday, I had my weekly checkup at our OB's office. This is the first week that I got to go without having to get a shot! It was amazing. We discussed moving my date up a week, but he wants to wait and see. According to him, the only way to get these babies out before 38 weeks is if my water breaks or if our growth scan next week isn't great. Even if the scan isn't optimal, he's still going to make me wait a few days. Does he not know how miserable I am?!?!? I wasn't dilated, but he said it felt as though my cervix was softening.

Wednesday, I actually got a break from appointments! Good thing because I needed to finish packing my hospital bag and make sure everything is finished. I really think it is, but why not unpack and repack our bags a few more times!?

Thursday, I had my last NST for the week. My grandmother says she can't believe how many appointments I have every week, but she also says she doesn't know anyone that has twins. I was contracting (4-6 min apart) and was sent home to wait it out. This is the worst!!! I'm ready for them to be here!

It's now Friday, and I'm still very pregnant. I'm just laying around, finishing a few books and being bored. Maybe next week will bring a little excitement!

We are [happily] counting down the days until our little ones arrive. We still cannot believe that we have 20 days at most until they arrive!



  1. you look great! sounds like something is definitely stewing though ;-) both of the twins were head down but all they cared about was twin A so i would have had it either way -- it went perfect & actually really easy LOL