Monday, September 19, 2011

Bottles, diapers and an injury

Our weekend consisted of bottles (for the babies), diapers, outfit changes and football.

Saturday afternoon after I fed the babies their 2 pm bottle, I ran out to get their 20x30 canvas print framed. O.MG. I'm going to love the finished product I know. I love chunky, ornate frames and that's exactly what I found. And then to even add to the chunky-ness I added another frame. If only we knew where we were going to hang it. I also had to run get more formula from babies r us. Justin called and said he was bored. HaHa. I thought this was so funny because he got a small taste of what my weeks have consisted of.

Sunday, Justin didn't feel like getting out so I ran to Target and HomeGoods for a few unncesssary
things. The boys watched football. I even came home to laundry done, bottles cleaned, and babies fed. AH-MAZING!
Thanks Justin ;)

Last Friday, the boys and I ventured downtown to have lunch with daddy. It takes so long to get the boys fed, diapers changed and outfits changed and then in their carseats. Then, add in the few minutes that I take to get ready. I think we started getting ready for lunch at 10 am. We made it out the door at 1 pm. Maybe we will get better at this, maybe not. Anyway, I hate our downtown parking. I was so worried about where i was going to park, but I was lucky to find a park not too far from the restaurant. After successfully parallel parking, I had to carry the boys in their carseats to the restaurant. If you don't have a baby, then you obviously don't know how heavy that is. Then, add in another baby and carseat. I'm going to be so buff. She-man looking in my arms probably. But I'm not there yet because I think I either pulled a muscle in my shoulder or tore my rotator cuff. I kid about the last, but my gosh my shoulder is screwed. Ouch! Please feel better soon dear shoulder, I need to be able to care for the babes with your help. Thanks.

The boys new fav toy is a baby Einstein musical turtle that lights up on the shell. It's actually a 3+ month toy, but the boys love it and can push the Buttons to make it play themselves. They are so smart!

We don't have much planned for this week. Maybe a few errands. I think one of my errands needs to be to go purchase a tandem stroller so I can just pop in their carseats. I love their bumble ride, but for quick trips it just isn't practical as I have to take the boys our of their seats, put them in the stroller, and then back in the carseat. Justin, do you care if I spend more money on another stroller? Thanks, I love you.

Thayer in one of his Halloween costumes, from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris

Aunt Sarah and Hudson

Danielle and Thayer 

Football Sunday with Daddy 

Hudson (L), Thayer (R)


  1. Did your stroller come with the metal bar? If so, the cars eats hook right onto the stroller and you don't have to take them out.

  2. It did, but both car seats won't fit on the double. Only one ;(