Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6 weeks

I'm exhausted. It's been a fast, yet long, 6 weeks. In one aspect I can't believe that our boys have been with us for 6 weeks already, yet these 6 weeks feel like I've been awake for 6 years. Unless you have twins, or more, you really have no idea how exhausting having a baby(ies) can be. I know one is a lot of work, but add in another and you're at a different level. Trust me! It takes an hour or more to feed them both and change diapers. Then, add in either getting them back to sleep at 2 am or playing with them during the day and it's time to start all over again. I wish we lived closer to family for a little help. For those reading that have children and live close to family... I'm jealous. You are lucky, so count your blessings!

Yesterday, was my 6 week postpartum appointment. The boys came with me of course. Everyone loved them, but how could they not?! Afterwards, we ventured to babies r us to get a tandem stroller that would be easier for quick errands. Thank goodness there was a lonesome cart outside and thank goodness that the basket of the cart was large enough to fit a carseat in it. Stroller is ordered and will hopefully arrive by the end of this week ;)

I am off to warm bottles and change diapers. Happy 6 weeks to my precious blessings! Even though I love seeing and kissing your sweet faces at 3 am, let's work on sleeping more during the night!

I love you both!

6 week postpartum tummy pic! 13 pounds to go... Good thing it's not swimsuit season anymore!



  1. glad your appt went great! i have mine on friday :) looking great in the pic...i've got 15lbs to go...thank goodness for pumping LOL


  2. I've had one now I have 2 and one is way easier! I never rest either but of course it's well worth it! You look fabulous! I'm close to zipping my jeans but not quite yet! Still feels great to not be pregnant right?