Saturday, September 10, 2011

ONE MONTH {already}

Wow, it's hard to believe that I am no longer counting down weeks until our babies arrive, but instead I will be counting their age in months! This past month has been a whirlwind for sure! From the time that Thayer and then Hudson came home we have been non stop! Sleep is definitely a thing of the past. When we can sleep an hour or so straight, you would think that we had slept for 7 hours. It's worth every lost second of sleep though!

Now, on to our sweet babes.

Dear Hudson,
You are a fireball! You LOVE to eat. When you aren't eating you want your paci. It's hard for you to keep in your mouth because you are so enthusiastic about it. At your three week appointment you weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and were 20 inches long. The doctor was very impressed with your positive weight gain. You eat 3 ounces of Similac Isomil (sometimes a little more) every 3 hours and you get a few bottles of breast milk everyday. You really like bath time and it helps to put you to sleep. We can only swaddle you with your arms down when you are fast asleep, otherwise you will fight until you can get your arms free. You are getting really good at tummy time! You can hold your head up around 15 seconds and turn from one cheek to the other while doing so. You are off your pulse ox monitor during the day, but for my sanity, at night I put you back on it. Last night - the day before you turned one month old, you slept without a monitor for the first time! You slept 4.5 hours straight without waking up! Your bottle before this you ate 5 ounces! You are wearing newborn and some 0-3 month size clothes and a size ONE diaper! You have been sleeping in your big boy crib since you were 3 weeks old. You only stayed in your bassinet the first week you were home! You have been a blessing and complete joy for daddy and I and we can't wait to watch you grow!

Hudson Graham - One month old

Sweet Thayer,
My little bug! You are such an easy baby! You rarely cry or fuss. You aren't a big fan of your paci, but will take it occasionally. At your three week appointment you weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and were 19.5 inches long. You eat 2.5- 3 ounces of Similac Sensitive every three hours and a few bottles of breast milk a day. You hate bath time, but as soon as you are out of the tub you immediately return to your calm natured self. We aren't able to swaddle you with a blanket as of last night, but instead use a sleep sack because you wiggle your way out of your blanket and I'm scared it will cover your face. You can turn completely around to face the opposite way in your crib. Tummy time is a fun activity for you and you love to look at your animal book. When I coo at you, you make your lips into a small round circle and it's the most precious thing ever! We keep you off your monitor during the day too, but you are put back on it at night. You slept without your monitor for the first time last night. You wear newborn and a few 0-3 month clothing and are still in a newborn diaper. You slept great last night (4.5 hours straight, you ate a 3 am and then slept until 7 am this morning! thank you) You too, have been sleeping in your big boy crib since you were three weeks old! We are so lucky to have you in our family and you are one strong little man and have been since day one!
Thayer Grant - One month old!

We love you both!


  1. they're so handsome!! that's great you're pumping too!!


  2. How incredible are you, Ms. Mommy? You're just doing such a fabulous job - and I'm so impressed that you're pumping and feeding them breastmilk along with formula. Twins are such a challenge with nursing, but I figured you of all people would make it work! You're just doing a great job. They are precious and so lucky to have such a wonderful couple of parents. God bless!