Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Months - October 10

The boys turned two months old on October 10th! I absolutely cannot believe how fast time has (already) flown by! They will be going to their official two month old appointment tomorrow and getting their shots! I'm so sad and nervous already about it. Definitely thinking about delaying their DTaP vaccine due to the increased SIDs risk. I know people have different opinions on vaccines and to do them/not to do them/delay them. I have a mixed feeling about them. Certain ones I feel are okay, others I feel like there is just alot of uncertainty (MMR, DTaP in particular). We will vaccinate the boys, but maybe on just a delayed schedule. Guess I better decide before tomorrow at 11:30, huh!?

Anyway, on to my sweet babes and all that they have done this past month.

You are SO Big! I can't believe how much weight you have gained since you were born! Last week, I had to take you to Dr. Memmott because you have a little reflux that makes you fussy after each bottle. You now take liquid Zantac twice a day. Sometimes you spit it right out and other times it doesn't bother you at all. You drink around 33-35 ounces of milk per day. Only once or twice you had 38 ounces. You wear a size one diaper and 0-3 month clothes. Almost all of your hair on top has fallen out. You aren't a big fan of tummy time. Bath time is your favorite and you cry when it's time to come out. We started giving you a bath every night instead of every other and it definitely helps you fall asleep. Speaking of  sleep, the past three nights you have slept from 10:15 ish to 5 , wake up for your bottle and then go right back to sleep until 9 or 9:30. THANK YOU!! You still like your paci, but nothing like you did last month. Your smile is contagious and you love smiling at your daddy (he loves it, too!). Your eyes light up when you smile. You are loved more each day!

You weigh 12 pounds 6 ounces - 75th percentile
You are 22 1/2 inches tall - 45th percentile
Your head measures 39 centimeters- 25th percentile

Hudson - 2 months old

Smiling at your daddy

Sweet boy! You are such a little cuddle bug. I love it. You are so easy going. We had a party for you when you graduated from newborn to size one diapers. You wear all 0-3 month clothing, too! My little 5 pound baby is long gone. Your hair on top of your head is coming back in. It's a light brown color and you have a few very long sprigs sticking up. You drink 33-35 ounces of milk per day, too. You sleep from 10:30 until 4:30 and I give you a paci and you fall back to sleep for another hour or so. Today, you rolled over for the first time! What a great two month present for your mommy!! You woke up smiling today and you haven't stopped yet. Right now, I am holding you and you're holding your wubbbanub.  Your eye lashes have grown so long and full! I know you will learn to bat those at me to get whatever you want soon. You look just like your daddy. You are more and more a blessing each and every day!

You weigh 11 pounds 2 ounces - 48th percentile
You are 22 inches tall - 25th percentile
Your head measures 39 centimeters - 25th percentile

Thayer - 2 months old

Tickle Time!

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