Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twin Happenings

We've been MIA the last few weeks as you can tell since I just posted their 2 month pictures and updates from October 10th. We were traveling all last week and it was AH-MAZING! We went to Seattle, Vancouver, drove through Portland (and decided not to stop because, well, it looked "weird" - I mean their slogan is "keep it weird" - no joke), Sonoma, and San Francisco. WOW! What a ton of driving! It took us 18 hours to get to Seattle, partly due to a late start, a dead battery, and stopping to feed and let babies stretch every 3 hours. It was so worth it though, because I fell in LOVE with Seattle! By far, the most amazing smaller city in the US. Nothing compares to NYC though :) The babes did wonderful the entire trip and were so super easy. I'm positive they enjoyed having their daddy around for a little over a week, because I sure did! If I had even a penny for everyone that stopped and admired the boys - it would have covered my salary from being a drug rep! Poor Thayer- people always think he's a girl because "He's just so beautiful." "Look at that beautiful face, and those eyelashes." Sad thing is, he's always in blue (or at least in a boyish outfit) so I'm not sure where the confusion comes from. He is beautiful though and so is my big boy, Hudson!

I already miss them being "small" - I wish they would stop growing, already!

I should be cleaning, washing clothes, dishes, bottles, but I'm just not in the mood for it right now.

The boys are getting their shots today. I decided at their 2 month appointment I just wasn't ready for them to have them, but now I feel more comfortable about the whole situation. We are leaving for the doctor early so I can stop by Walgreens for infant Tylenol. I love that Nanny is the office manager for a Ped's office. If I have any concerns or questions she can usually answer them, and if not she has 3 doctors she can ask ASAP. I also love that she sends us TONS and I mean TONS of free formula! I seriously don't think that we have spent more than $100 on formula since they were born! It's so expensive and we are SO grateful!

I love picking them up out of their cribs each morning and seeing them smile back at me! It warms my heart so much!

Last night they slept from 10 pm to 5:15 am! Woo Hoo! Then again until 9 and 9:30! They are napping again right now. I actually had time to shower, apply makeup and a BIG one... Dry and Straighten my hair.

We are planning on going to Michigan for Thanksgiving! We (all) can't wait to finally meet our sweet nephew Chase and see Jack, Jonathan, and Monica! I wish we all lived closer so the boys could all play together. Hopefully, soon ;)

I will be in South Carolina for the ENTIRE month of December and I Can. Not. Wait. Justin may not be able to fly down with me and of course the twins, so I'm already having anxiety about how it will work out. I know I can do it though. I mean I do it everyday alone. Right? Baby bjourn one and hold the other on the plane. In the airport, snap and go stroller. Simple right? We'll see. I'll practice on the way to Michigan and have Justin their just in case. I think I'm just worried about any delays/sleeping in the airport because let's be realistic, it happens to me (and only me usually) all the time.

King is back from doggy day care. He's skin and bones - literally, no hair remember. ha! He probably weighs 5 pounds tops now. He always losses weight when he's there for a long period of time. Then, he comes home and sleeps and eats for a few days after.

hmm, I think that's about it for now....

Say a little prayer for the boys as they get their shots this afternoon. Say one for mommy too that she doesn't have an anxiety attack. I'll be having a large glass of wine this evening.

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  1. they are sooo cute! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. They are so precious!

    Great Blog!

  3. A.B.- they are the most precious little boys I've ever seen! I was looking through your pictures from your trip yesterday and kept thinking, "I bet they had so many people stop them to admire those babies!" Sounds like I was right!

    Glad your family is doing so well. My prayers are with you always!

  4. Glad ya'll had a good trip! I love Seattle too. : )

    AND I am sooooooooo freakin excited you will be in SC for December!! I get to meet the boys! woop woop!!

  5. Seattle is one of the biggest cities in the country, you mindless fucking dolt. And Portland is too "weird"? Get some culture, good lord.

  6. Dear Anonymous... if you choose to read my blog and make comments at least put your big girl panties on and comment under a name! If not - at least don't use profanity on my blog. Thanks! Like I said in MY POST - I loved Seattle - it is a smaller city - I've been to MOST of the LARGER cities in the US. Portland, in my opinion, is weird.

  7. Seattle is 13 times smaller than NYC....
    And Portland; definitely weird. I have to agree with you.
    Awesome family and so glad to hear GOD has blessed you with a mini you....Best wishes for a problem free pregnancy!