Thursday, September 20, 2012

ONE year, ONE month!

Just wanted to jot down a few things that are happening with the boys at 13 months old.

We just returned from 10 days away in New York. The boys were (as always) spoiled rotten by nanny, poppy and great grandma! We went to a pumpkin patch, farm, bought fall decor, ate lunch by the water in Green Port, took a ferry ride to Ocean Beach and had dinner, went shopping (a lot) and watched your first ARMY football game with your new ARMY jersey's on!

Hudson, you have BOTH of your top molars in. Thayer, you have your top left in!

Huddles, we moved you up to a size 6 diaper! They aren't much bigger than the 5's though so I don't know what we will do if you don't slim down - at least in your thighs.

We've been going to the park much more since the weather is starting to cool down some. 90 feels amazing compared to the 105+! ha! Ya'll love to walk around and explore. You still like to swing, but nothing like you did before you could walk.

I think I can officially say that you have cut out your afternoon nap. :( !!!! Luckily, you are easy to entertain. That means you are awake from noon-ish to 6:30. If you don't take a nap, I put you to bed earlier to avoid any possible crankiness.

You both blow kisses and it's so sweet! Hudson, anytime you hear us say "good job, buddy" you clap! haha.

Huddles, when we read your farm animal book and we get to the sheep and dog parts, I make a woof and baaah sound. You look at me and then you do it! Too funny.

Thayer, you love to shake your head yes and no if I ask you something. I wonder if you really know what I'm asking you ?!

First spaghetti night was a success! Neither of you were too messy! ha! Daddy I think was sad he missed it, but he saw lots of pictures. Every night when he gets home, most nights you are already asleep, we sit together on the sofa or outside and go through the pictures and videos I have taken of you that day. I don't want him to miss a thing and I'm so lucky that he wants and ALLOWS me to stay home with you guys!

I know I am leaving a lot of things out, but I need to shower because you will be awake sooner rather than later and then its go, go, go!



  1. I can't wait to meet your sweet boys. When will you be in SC next?

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  3. What was your sleep and nap schedule at this age?