Monday, September 9, 2013

Hudson and Thayer are 2!

I have 2,two year olds! Some days have been long, but the past two years have been short! The boys are thriving and full of ALL energy. They are most definitely all boy. They prefer to run not walk, talk loudly and not with inside voices, wrestle with each other, the dog and daddy, throwing, hitting and kicking different balls, zooming cars on the floor and walls. Speaking of walls, we also like to color on them with high liters. They love to be outside and jump on their new trampoline or inside in their bounce house. They are both full of life and curious to explore the world around them. Both boys were potty trained 1 week before they turned 2 and it went better than I Could have expected. We still have the occasional accident and I do keep them in pull ups at night time, so I guess technically they aren't 100% potty trained, but more so than most kids their age and even older! Hudson is Mr. independent. He wants to do it himself and doesn't want anyone's help. This is the perfect mixture for messes and upsets when he can't get something to work the way he wants it to work. He is an eater and loves to snack, "nack". He is the king of the refrigerator. He gets his on waffle out of the freezer, string cheese and milk. See ? Messes. He knows how to open the milk gallon, bottles of water, anything that has child lock on it, bags. He also likes to help clean up his messes by going to get dish towels and wiping the floor up. He sometimes doesn't bend down to do it and will put the towel on the floor and use his foot, just like his mommy. Ha! Hudson loves to help with yard work and is pretty good at using the leaf blower and picking up weeds and throwing them in the big trash can. He also throws away his trash in the pantry, occasionally things that aren't trash, too. He laughs all the time and is surely going to be the class clown. He is SO smart! You can tell him something or ask him to do something and he will go and do it! He has so many new phrases and comes up with new stuff everyday! His vocabulary has really taken off. His favorite things are playing baseball and soccer, sliding, swinging, and climbing on everything! ALL BOY! He loves to give kisses, hugs and snuggles when he wants his back or head rubbed. He is definitely a protective, bigger and 1 minute older, brother to Thayer. I know he will be the same way to baby sissy. Occasionally, he will walk up to my belly and lift my shirt (even if we are in public :( ) and say "Hey baby sissy!" and give her a kiss. Hudson is in level 3 at swim class and can swim half way across the sectioned off pool by himself! His teacher brags on how well he does in front of the other parents! He is the youngest by a year and a half in the class! He is definitely going to be an excellent athlete! 2 year stats: Weight: 30lbs 84% Height: 36 1/2 inches 94% Head: 20 inches 97% Shoe: 8 Clothing: 3T Thayer has taken the role of Mr. laid back. He is very go with the flow unless there is something that he absolutely wants and if you don't give it to him be prepared for meltdown central! Whoa, can baby boy have a meltdown! He eats pretty well considering how non stop he is. He would rather run or jump than walk. Sometimes to get him to eat, I have to pre occupy him and sneak food in his mouth while he is busy playing. He doesn't like to get in trouble and rarely does (thank goodness). He loves everything and tells his toys goodbye and night night before he goes to bed or leaves the house. It's so funny. Thayer gets very concerned if you have a boo boo and wants to make sure you are okay and "kiss boo boo" to make you feel better. He is definitely our nurturer and more gentle boy. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make the best big brother to sissy! Poor guy is going to be so upset if she is crying! Thayer's favorite toys are his choo choo train, blue tractor, trampoline, golf bag that lots of cars get stuffed into, and his "baby" which is a blue hippo Justin bought him from Pottery Barn Kids. Baby gets baths in the bath tub and sleeps with him every night. Thayer loves to watch Elmo on Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies. He loves to color with crayons and markers, but not really finger paint. He has the most beautiful hair and I never want to cut it so short that there are no curls. I would cry my eyes out! His sweet, innocent face gets him out of a lot of trouble and especially when he says "I'm sorry Mama, I love You!" Talk about melting your heart! Thayer is still in swim level 2 and will hopefully move up when he starts floating on his back without help. 2 year stats Weight: 27 lbs 8oz 58% Height: 36 1/2 inches 94% Head: 19.3 inches 71% Shoe: 8.5 Clothing: 3T The boys started school on September 3 and are doing SO well! They go from 9-2 and nap there as well. They were definitely ready to start and enjoy going! Thayer was a little upset the first day I dropped him off, but the second day he kissed me bye and ran in to his teacher! They are the youngest and almost biggest in their class! I am so proud of these little guys and can't wait to see how much they grow and learn over the next year! XOXO

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