Monday, September 9, 2013

Hudson and Thayer are 2!

I have 2,two year olds! Some days have been long, but the past two years have been short! The boys are thriving and full of ALL energy. They are most definitely all boy. They prefer to run not walk, talk loudly and not with inside voices, wrestle with each other, the dog and daddy, throwing, hitting and kicking different balls, zooming cars on the floor and walls. Speaking of walls, we also like to color on them with high liters. They love to be outside and jump on their new trampoline or inside in their bounce house. They are both full of life and curious to explore the world around them. Both boys were potty trained 1 week before they turned 2 and it went better than I Could have expected. We still have the occasional accident and I do keep them in pull ups at night time, so I guess technically they aren't 100% potty trained, but more so than most kids their age and even older! Hudson is Mr. independent. He wants to do it himself and doesn't want anyone's help. This is the perfect mixture for messes and upsets when he can't get something to work the way he wants it to work. He is an eater and loves to snack, "nack". He is the king of the refrigerator. He gets his on waffle out of the freezer, string cheese and milk. See ? Messes. He knows how to open the milk gallon, bottles of water, anything that has child lock on it, bags. He also likes to help clean up his messes by going to get dish towels and wiping the floor up. He sometimes doesn't bend down to do it and will put the towel on the floor and use his foot, just like his mommy. Ha! Hudson loves to help with yard work and is pretty good at using the leaf blower and picking up weeds and throwing them in the big trash can. He also throws away his trash in the pantry, occasionally things that aren't trash, too. He laughs all the time and is surely going to be the class clown. He is SO smart! You can tell him something or ask him to do something and he will go and do it! He has so many new phrases and comes up with new stuff everyday! His vocabulary has really taken off. His favorite things are playing baseball and soccer, sliding, swinging, and climbing on everything! ALL BOY! He loves to give kisses, hugs and snuggles when he wants his back or head rubbed. He is definitely a protective, bigger and 1 minute older, brother to Thayer. I know he will be the same way to baby sissy. Occasionally, he will walk up to my belly and lift my shirt (even if we are in public :( ) and say "Hey baby sissy!" and give her a kiss. Hudson is in level 3 at swim class and can swim half way across the sectioned off pool by himself! His teacher brags on how well he does in front of the other parents! He is the youngest by a year and a half in the class! He is definitely going to be an excellent athlete! 2 year stats: Weight: 30lbs 84% Height: 36 1/2 inches 94% Head: 20 inches 97% Shoe: 8 Clothing: 3T Thayer has taken the role of Mr. laid back. He is very go with the flow unless there is something that he absolutely wants and if you don't give it to him be prepared for meltdown central! Whoa, can baby boy have a meltdown! He eats pretty well considering how non stop he is. He would rather run or jump than walk. Sometimes to get him to eat, I have to pre occupy him and sneak food in his mouth while he is busy playing. He doesn't like to get in trouble and rarely does (thank goodness). He loves everything and tells his toys goodbye and night night before he goes to bed or leaves the house. It's so funny. Thayer gets very concerned if you have a boo boo and wants to make sure you are okay and "kiss boo boo" to make you feel better. He is definitely our nurturer and more gentle boy. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make the best big brother to sissy! Poor guy is going to be so upset if she is crying! Thayer's favorite toys are his choo choo train, blue tractor, trampoline, golf bag that lots of cars get stuffed into, and his "baby" which is a blue hippo Justin bought him from Pottery Barn Kids. Baby gets baths in the bath tub and sleeps with him every night. Thayer loves to watch Elmo on Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies. He loves to color with crayons and markers, but not really finger paint. He has the most beautiful hair and I never want to cut it so short that there are no curls. I would cry my eyes out! His sweet, innocent face gets him out of a lot of trouble and especially when he says "I'm sorry Mama, I love You!" Talk about melting your heart! Thayer is still in swim level 2 and will hopefully move up when he starts floating on his back without help. 2 year stats Weight: 27 lbs 8oz 58% Height: 36 1/2 inches 94% Head: 19.3 inches 71% Shoe: 8.5 Clothing: 3T The boys started school on September 3 and are doing SO well! They go from 9-2 and nap there as well. They were definitely ready to start and enjoy going! Thayer was a little upset the first day I dropped him off, but the second day he kissed me bye and ran in to his teacher! They are the youngest and almost biggest in their class! I am so proud of these little guys and can't wait to see how much they grow and learn over the next year! XOXO

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Annaleigh Update 28 weeks

just wanted to jot down some sweet Annaleigh updates.

As of 28 weeks, I've gained 24 pounds

At 26 1/2 weeks Annaleigh weighed 1 pound 14 ounces and has super long legs (Go figure)

From 3D pictures, she definitely resembles Thayer and maybe has lips like Hudson.

28 weeks with Annaleigh
28 weeks with Hudson and Thayer

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

At 20 Weeks & Random H and T stuff

Justin felt Annaleigh kick for the first time at exactly 20 weeks! I've been feeling her kick and move since 14 weeks! I was shocked when I felt the little flutters that early! I've been feeling great, but ready to get some energy back! Weight gain so far: 12 pounds (as of 20 weeks, 4days) WOWZERS! Better slow down! ha! Cravings: FRUIT, no real food aversions. Nursery is coming along. Waiting on the bedding to arrive and we have to have chandelier installed, LOTS of stuff to move out of nursery. Closet is PACKED!


The boys are SO much fun! We went to Sea World and they had a BLAST! I didn't think they would really "get it", but they did and loved watching all of the shows! They were so excited and happy the entire weekend we were in San Antonio! I can't wait for our next trip :)

Their language has definitely taken off even more. They say lots of phrases and join words together. They say please and thank you when they want something and it melts my heart.

They love giving kisses and hugs! Thayer loves to hold my hand and will randomly kiss it while we are walking. BOTH are mamas boys <3 p="">
Swimming for both is a blast! They love to jump off the side of the pool and know how to kick their legs and move their arms in the water! So glad that they aren't afraid of it and do so well, so early!

Thayer LOVES to jump and he loves for you to watch him jump! He can jump really high and far, guess it's his long legs :)

Hudson loves to run and laughs the entire time he is running. He also loves to chase me! He is really starting to thin out - probably from all the running!

Clothes: 3T jon jons :( I thought 2t would work this summer, but when they sit down it unsnaps!
Diaper:5 and 6
Teeth: Thayer, all but 2 year molars. Hudson, all teeth PLUS 1 two year molar!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ALMOST 21 Months! ... and Annaleigh

Goodness, I haven't updated on any of the changes our big family is getting ready for.

FIRST, we found out we were pregnant on February 15, 2013. Justin said he thought I was on 2/14/13 and I thought he was crazy! We were NOT trying, God just decided to bless us... with our sweet ANNALEIGH MATTSON MOORE ALGOR! Everything is going perfect for us, and at my 17 week OB visit she was 7 oz. and her belly measured a week ahead! The boys LOVE to kiss my belly and say "sissy". They know exactly where she is! In MOMMY's belly. Not in Daddy's haha. I think it will be a while before they can actually say Annaleigh. I know they will be the ABSOLUTE BEST BIG BROTHERS to her and so protective of her.

We purchased their big boy beds a few weeks ago and have them set up in their new big boy rooms. I give them their baths in the bathroom connected to that room and they love to run in and lay on their beds after bathtime. We are planning to add the safety rails in the next few days and start having them nap in there first. They have always been such great sleepers and we have never had any issues with them not wanting to sleep, unless they were extremely sick, and I'm hoping that this will be an easy transition for them. I think that them seeing the beds and understanding that this is where they will sleep now is key instead of just changing them cold turkey one day and hoping for the best. It's worked for our potty training so fingers crossed it works for big boy beds too!

Speaking of potty training! WOW! Our children must be the smartest kids in the world. (Of course I may be a little biased) , but they have picked it up sooo fast! I don't push it or nag them all day long, but if I ask them if they have to go poopoo or teetee and they have to they will hold my hand and walk me to the bathroom and do their business. ha! It is so cute and they LOVE flushing the toilet. They even know how to wipe (of course I always re-wipe). ha! I think we have given 1 m&m as a reward, but they are more excited to go potty than getting the reward. My little over achievers!

They talk SO much! I am so proud of their vocabulary and the things that they pick up on. I think it has alot to do with us exposing them to so much. They still love to read and know certain words from certain books. For example when I turn a page and they know the words on that page they will say them before I do! They really are SO smart! They know tons of animals noises and can pick out that animal and make its noise before I ask them what a "x" says. Again, over achievers! They will be ready for school no doubt. They've done great with their colors also and can count to 3. ha!

They are eating great still. Nothing new in that category. THEY LOVE FOOD. If they want more of something they will SAY more and also SIGN more. Thayer says Please and Thank you most of the time. Hudson just says thank you when I had it to him. They have been off of bottles for a while now.
They have a sippy of milk when they wake up and again before nap time and bedtime.

Bedtime is around 7:30 and they sleep until 8 am the next day. Naptime is usually around 11-11:30 and they normally sleep until 2, but sometimes later.

They love being outside and playing in their pool and sandbox. They love digging, cars, climbing, running, jumping (esp Thayer). They really are all boy! They are tough as can be for sure.

They have always done great with sharing and love playing with their friends. I'm lucky they have each other as a playdate, but they love to see "RowRow" and "TayTay"... They already have a thing for the girls! Lord, help me in their teenage years!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playing Catch Up

... Wow! Time is not a friend of mine these days/months... this year! It is so hard to find time to sit down and blog everything when you have TWO, wild and crazy toddler's on your hands that don't stay in one place for very long. I am going to do the best I can to "catch up" on a few things that have been happening around here.

18 MONTH STATS (February 2013)
Hudson:29 lbs, 34.3", size 6 shoe, 2t and some 3T!!! clothes, size 6 diaper
Thayer: 24 lbs 10 oz, 34.3", size 6 shoe, 2t and a few 3T clothes.. we definitely need the 3t for your long and lean body! size 5 diaper

Hudson: balls, cars, shoes (especially your NB tennis shoes), sliding, running and chasing your brother and king, blocks, sandbox
Thayer: cars, books, throwing balls and running to get them, lawn mower, rain boots, ANIMALS of ALL kinds!

WORDS: SO many and ya'll use them very often, I know I am forgetting so many, but here is a good start:
mama, dadda, bye bye, night night, hey, hello, car, truck, tractor, apple (papple), ball, bird, cat, mickey mouse (mick moww), milk, water (wawa), bubbles, tree (twee), nanny (nanna), pop tart, ketchup (etchup), chicken, brother (other), slide, swing, baby

NOISES: when I ask you what these animals say, you both answer and can point to them in your animal book
lion, elephant, monkey, cow, sheep, pig, duck, rooster, horse, goat, fish (obv you just point because mommy doesn't know what a fish says ;)

bedtime is between 6:30-7:00 pm and you sleep until 8:00-8:30 am! WE ARE BLESSED! Naptime is from 11am until 1:30 sometimes 2 pm!

You both have started listening to me so much more! I know that you have always, for the most part, understood me, but now you actually do a task when I ask you to! yayyy! You both have started putting your toys away when I ask you to pick up before nap/bedtime. You don't pick ALL of them up, but you do what your little attention span will let you! You put away your shoes in the shoe basket by the front door, which is a big help! You bring me diapers and wipes when I ask you to and you put your dirty diaper on the counter after I change you.

Timeout is going really well. If I tell you 3 times not to do something and you continue to do it, you go in timeout. UNLESS, it is for something like hitting and you immediately go in timeout. Everytime you come out you have to give me a hug ;) We are working on saying "sorry."

You both are absolute joys and although some days are hard and verrry long, most days are wonderful and you are sweet as can be.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

14 months

I don't even know why I try to keep up with this blog anymore. I certainly don't have time for it. Just wanted to write down a few things I want to remember, in hopes that one day I will have time to actually write them all down in the boys' baby books. I think the last time I updated those was around 5 months. Ooops! I do, however, put random trinkets, etc. in the box that they are in :)

At 14 months.....

Huddles: 9 teeth and you are getting in your bottom 2 molars now. They haven't broken skin yet, but the entire house has felt it. Those will make 11.
Thayer: 9 and I think you are getting another top molar, but you won't let me get in there to check it out

Favorite toys: books, sports climber, vacuum, bouncy balls

SO many new words! You both make animal noises now, too! Moo, Roar, Baah, Woof (sometimes)

An Update at last, 17 months

I have definitely neglected my blog, but when there is constant joy right in front of you, why get on the computer?

Hudson and Thayer have been busy, busy boys! They are constantly non stop. We are currently in South Carolina and since there isn't much for me to do while they nap, I have decided to jot down a few things that are happening.

You are a COMPLETE joy! You rarely get fussy and are always laughing or smiling. You continue to be my little ham. You are saying so many words and sounds when I ask you what something says. My favorite word you say is car. The way you say it sounds like you are from New York or Boston. When I ask you to go get something, you walk right over and get it and bring it back to me. You are a BIG help! You climb, you run, you play in the dirt when we are outside (which you love) You are 110% ALL BOY! Your feelings don't get hurt easily and if you fall down you get right back up with no tears shed. You share SO well. I'm not sure that many kids are as good as you at that. You love having play dates and hang with the bigger, older kids so well. You know where your belly, feet, nose, and head is. You aren't a big tv person and would rather be getting in to something. When I say its time to go night night you say night night and go give kisses to whoever happens to be around before you head up stairs. You are an excellent eater and I haven't found anything you won't eat.

My sweet mama's boy! You LOVE to cuddle and LOVE for me to hold you and be in your sight. You love to bring me "presents"! If you hand me something and I put it down beside me you pick it right back up and hand it to me and say see! You have the most beautiful face and curls. You are so innocent and I wish I could keep you that way forever. You are too beautiful to be a boy and everyone constantly calls you a girl. As sweet and innocent as you are, you are a pistol. If you want something and I can't figure out what it is, WOW, you let me know to figure it out fast! You are defintely starting to go thru terrible two's early, but you have done everything early! You LOVE the outside and would rather be outside than inside. You love to push trucks and cars around on the floor and absolutely love to slide on your slide. You have a great arm and love to throw your ball to daddy. Like Hudson, you are a great eater. I think you are ready to start being potty trained and I plan to buy a potty as soon as we get back to Texas. You are so fast at picking things up and I hope this one will be easy for you too! Speaking of fast, wow, you are quick, but you are also clumsy. You have great fine motor skills. You know when you shouldn't do things, like go upstairs without me. If the gate is open, you wait on the bottom step until I see you and say you can go up!

Hudson: 28.8 lbs, 24 months and 2t, 5 diaper, 6 shoe...Long and solid ;) 11 teeth and 2 more coming in now
Thayer: 24.10lbs, 24 months and 2t, 5 diaper, 6 shoe...Long and lean, 12 teeth