Wednesday, May 29, 2013

At 20 Weeks & Random H and T stuff

Justin felt Annaleigh kick for the first time at exactly 20 weeks! I've been feeling her kick and move since 14 weeks! I was shocked when I felt the little flutters that early! I've been feeling great, but ready to get some energy back! Weight gain so far: 12 pounds (as of 20 weeks, 4days) WOWZERS! Better slow down! ha! Cravings: FRUIT, no real food aversions. Nursery is coming along. Waiting on the bedding to arrive and we have to have chandelier installed, LOTS of stuff to move out of nursery. Closet is PACKED!


The boys are SO much fun! We went to Sea World and they had a BLAST! I didn't think they would really "get it", but they did and loved watching all of the shows! They were so excited and happy the entire weekend we were in San Antonio! I can't wait for our next trip :)

Their language has definitely taken off even more. They say lots of phrases and join words together. They say please and thank you when they want something and it melts my heart.

They love giving kisses and hugs! Thayer loves to hold my hand and will randomly kiss it while we are walking. BOTH are mamas boys <3 p="">
Swimming for both is a blast! They love to jump off the side of the pool and know how to kick their legs and move their arms in the water! So glad that they aren't afraid of it and do so well, so early!

Thayer LOVES to jump and he loves for you to watch him jump! He can jump really high and far, guess it's his long legs :)

Hudson loves to run and laughs the entire time he is running. He also loves to chase me! He is really starting to thin out - probably from all the running!

Clothes: 3T jon jons :( I thought 2t would work this summer, but when they sit down it unsnaps!
Diaper:5 and 6
Teeth: Thayer, all but 2 year molars. Hudson, all teeth PLUS 1 two year molar!

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