Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ALMOST 21 Months! ... and Annaleigh

Goodness, I haven't updated on any of the changes our big family is getting ready for.

FIRST, we found out we were pregnant on February 15, 2013. Justin said he thought I was on 2/14/13 and I thought he was crazy! We were NOT trying, God just decided to bless us... with our sweet ANNALEIGH MATTSON MOORE ALGOR! Everything is going perfect for us, and at my 17 week OB visit she was 7 oz. and her belly measured a week ahead! The boys LOVE to kiss my belly and say "sissy". They know exactly where she is! In MOMMY's belly. Not in Daddy's haha. I think it will be a while before they can actually say Annaleigh. I know they will be the ABSOLUTE BEST BIG BROTHERS to her and so protective of her.

We purchased their big boy beds a few weeks ago and have them set up in their new big boy rooms. I give them their baths in the bathroom connected to that room and they love to run in and lay on their beds after bathtime. We are planning to add the safety rails in the next few days and start having them nap in there first. They have always been such great sleepers and we have never had any issues with them not wanting to sleep, unless they were extremely sick, and I'm hoping that this will be an easy transition for them. I think that them seeing the beds and understanding that this is where they will sleep now is key instead of just changing them cold turkey one day and hoping for the best. It's worked for our potty training so fingers crossed it works for big boy beds too!

Speaking of potty training! WOW! Our children must be the smartest kids in the world. (Of course I may be a little biased) , but they have picked it up sooo fast! I don't push it or nag them all day long, but if I ask them if they have to go poopoo or teetee and they have to they will hold my hand and walk me to the bathroom and do their business. ha! It is so cute and they LOVE flushing the toilet. They even know how to wipe (of course I always re-wipe). ha! I think we have given 1 m&m as a reward, but they are more excited to go potty than getting the reward. My little over achievers!

They talk SO much! I am so proud of their vocabulary and the things that they pick up on. I think it has alot to do with us exposing them to so much. They still love to read and know certain words from certain books. For example when I turn a page and they know the words on that page they will say them before I do! They really are SO smart! They know tons of animals noises and can pick out that animal and make its noise before I ask them what a "x" says. Again, over achievers! They will be ready for school no doubt. They've done great with their colors also and can count to 3. ha!

They are eating great still. Nothing new in that category. THEY LOVE FOOD. If they want more of something they will SAY more and also SIGN more. Thayer says Please and Thank you most of the time. Hudson just says thank you when I had it to him. They have been off of bottles for a while now.
They have a sippy of milk when they wake up and again before nap time and bedtime.

Bedtime is around 7:30 and they sleep until 8 am the next day. Naptime is usually around 11-11:30 and they normally sleep until 2, but sometimes later.

They love being outside and playing in their pool and sandbox. They love digging, cars, climbing, running, jumping (esp Thayer). They really are all boy! They are tough as can be for sure.

They have always done great with sharing and love playing with their friends. I'm lucky they have each other as a playdate, but they love to see "RowRow" and "TayTay"... They already have a thing for the girls! Lord, help me in their teenage years!

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