Tuesday, January 15, 2013

14 months

I don't even know why I try to keep up with this blog anymore. I certainly don't have time for it. Just wanted to write down a few things I want to remember, in hopes that one day I will have time to actually write them all down in the boys' baby books. I think the last time I updated those was around 5 months. Ooops! I do, however, put random trinkets, etc. in the box that they are in :)

At 14 months.....

Huddles: 9 teeth and you are getting in your bottom 2 molars now. They haven't broken skin yet, but the entire house has felt it. Those will make 11.
Thayer: 9 and I think you are getting another top molar, but you won't let me get in there to check it out

Favorite toys: books, sports climber, vacuum, bouncy balls

SO many new words! You both make animal noises now, too! Moo, Roar, Baah, Woof (sometimes)

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