Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Update at last, 17 months

I have definitely neglected my blog, but when there is constant joy right in front of you, why get on the computer?

Hudson and Thayer have been busy, busy boys! They are constantly non stop. We are currently in South Carolina and since there isn't much for me to do while they nap, I have decided to jot down a few things that are happening.

You are a COMPLETE joy! You rarely get fussy and are always laughing or smiling. You continue to be my little ham. You are saying so many words and sounds when I ask you what something says. My favorite word you say is car. The way you say it sounds like you are from New York or Boston. When I ask you to go get something, you walk right over and get it and bring it back to me. You are a BIG help! You climb, you run, you play in the dirt when we are outside (which you love) You are 110% ALL BOY! Your feelings don't get hurt easily and if you fall down you get right back up with no tears shed. You share SO well. I'm not sure that many kids are as good as you at that. You love having play dates and hang with the bigger, older kids so well. You know where your belly, feet, nose, and head is. You aren't a big tv person and would rather be getting in to something. When I say its time to go night night you say night night and go give kisses to whoever happens to be around before you head up stairs. You are an excellent eater and I haven't found anything you won't eat.

My sweet mama's boy! You LOVE to cuddle and LOVE for me to hold you and be in your sight. You love to bring me "presents"! If you hand me something and I put it down beside me you pick it right back up and hand it to me and say see! You have the most beautiful face and curls. You are so innocent and I wish I could keep you that way forever. You are too beautiful to be a boy and everyone constantly calls you a girl. As sweet and innocent as you are, you are a pistol. If you want something and I can't figure out what it is, WOW, you let me know to figure it out fast! You are defintely starting to go thru terrible two's early, but you have done everything early! You LOVE the outside and would rather be outside than inside. You love to push trucks and cars around on the floor and absolutely love to slide on your slide. You have a great arm and love to throw your ball to daddy. Like Hudson, you are a great eater. I think you are ready to start being potty trained and I plan to buy a potty as soon as we get back to Texas. You are so fast at picking things up and I hope this one will be easy for you too! Speaking of fast, wow, you are quick, but you are also clumsy. You have great fine motor skills. You know when you shouldn't do things, like go upstairs without me. If the gate is open, you wait on the bottom step until I see you and say you can go up!

Hudson: 28.8 lbs, 24 months and 2t, 5 diaper, 6 shoe...Long and solid ;) 11 teeth and 2 more coming in now
Thayer: 24.10lbs, 24 months and 2t, 5 diaper, 6 shoe...Long and lean, 12 teeth

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