Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy HUMP day everyone! Not much to say today except that it was an all around beautiful, fantastic, blessed day in Utah! Justin and I have been going on regular walks/hikes/roller blade sessions lately. Mainly because a)I need to realize that I won't be skinny for ever (people have told me for years now oh don't worry it's going to catch up to you when you're 25 - I'm 26 now) so I'm guessing that it's past time for it to catch up to me and I better start before it's too late. b)I seriously am out of shape. c)My friend Brittany P. Houston has gone back to school and is now a health maniac plus some so I'm going to follow in her foot steps.
I've made dinner 3 nights in a room - that's a huge accomplishment for me! I'm so lazy by the time Justin gets home from work, which is usually around 7:30, that I had been making it a habit to just ask him to stop and bring something home for us. I really am lucky to have him (did I mention I'm usually in p.j.'s that don't always match, no make-up, hair in a ponytail, and those terrible, but oh! so comfy socks that your grandmother probably wears {minus the fall proof bottoms}) and that he still loves me! ha ha. So from now on, I'm going to make it a habit to make him dinner every night and have it waiting on him when he gets home from work.

This is heading up the Dog Lake trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. (portion of God's masterpiece)

One of many waterfalls

Now that I have officially committed to being healthy on blog spot, I'm going to go figure out what to make for dinner, finish cleaning for Renee to come tomorrow, and wait on that loving hubby of mine to get home! Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope that you had a blessed day as well!

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  1. aww SO glad I inspired you :) yay! Well, I have plenty of recipes if you need some :) Love ya!