Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things I Need Right Now

The last time hubby and I were in NYC (for our wedding in May) he went to Sak's {big mistake booking a hotel right beside it} while I was getting ready for a night out. He purchased a pair of Tory Burch Reva's for me because I always complain that I never have any flats. He bought me an 8, but I needed 8.5. We didn't have time to exchange them in Manhattan so we did while we were in LA the following week. They didn't have any of the colors I liked at that store so I happily exchanged the shoes for my fav! Louis never full bag :) Talk about upgrade.

Anyway, now that winter has officially arrived in Utah, yes it snowed today, I need flats so I don't break my neck on the ice as I walk to and from the car 50 times a day.

I'll take a pair, or all, of these!

I also found "fake" shoes that look very similar to TB Reva's and with this price tag you can afford to have multiple pairs, especially if they are just going to get ruined from the snow/salt. You can find them here. I'm sure Hubby would rather me have the real ones though, he's strange like that! ;)

Leopard Scarf

And the best for last (for right now anyway) Christian Louboutin



  1. snowing already? it's still like 80 degrees here in the south. and i would like those in every color please. thank you. :)

  2. what brand are the cheaper flats?? Farabe! FB me w/ info & let me know how the china is coming along & how your feeling <3 you!

  3. I told Scott I wanted the same shoes for Christmas!