Monday, November 1, 2010


Hubby and I had a wonderful Halloween weekend! Friday night we signed the lease to rent a house in a really nice area called Harvard/Yale. We're so excited about it! The walls have literally closed in around us in our apartment. We received so many beautiful things for our wedding and we haven't been able to use anything because we had no where to put it. It's all been pushed under beds, hidden in closets, in storage, behind our dining room table... you get the idea. Now, we have plenty of places to put everything in our 4 bedroom rental! As excited as I am to move, I hate packing, and I hate knowing that I'm just going to have to do it again in a year! Oh well! After we signed the lease, we had a small "DP" (dinner party) for the last time in our apartment. Mainly we discussed our plans for the following night.
Ponge fell asleep on our soon to be old sofa

Saturday, J and I slept until noon. It was amazing! Then, we went to find Halloween costumes. He originally wanted to be a Granilla aka Gorilla but opted out because he didn't want to be "HOT". Talk about not taking Halloween seriously... sometimes you need to sacrifice things for a holiday that only happens once a year! Geesh. Three hours later we decided on Harem's.

Prince of Persia and I :)

We went to our friend Lauren's house for a pre-party celebration before heading out.

Flapper, Harem, Devil, Cat

Paul's Auto Shop, Mobster,  Harem

Love my little Harem Man
This week is just as busy as last week, only the hubby is home to help with things. He was on a business trip to Manhattan last week. We will be doing lots of packing, unpacking, and setting up house :)


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