Monday, December 6, 2010

Undeleted and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'm not really sure why I've "undeleted" my blog, probably only because my grandmother has asked me a few times to start it back so she can keep track of our lives out west. I'm also only partially sure why I even deleted it in the first place. These days things have been almost as unpredictable as this blog!

Since Halloween, we've moved into our new living quarters for the rest of our time in SLC, hosted Thanksgiving dinner, purchased our first Christmas tree as H & W and almost finished our Christmas shopping.

On a completely different note (because I don't have that much more to update you on right now) it is my BEAUTIFUL Gran's 87th Birthday today! So HAPPY Birthday Gran! I love and miss you so much.

Gran is a one of a kind woman. She is dependable, strong willed, fun, loving, and devoted to God and her family. Growing up I went to "daycare" pretty much in Gran's backyard. She owned the building where to daycare was located so I went there. I'm not really sure that I actually ever stayed there for long each day though because I remember playing dress up in Gran's slips, catching lady bugs in the field, making poppy people using toothpicks, playing the piano and baking in Gran's kitchen everyday. She also had an awesome tree in her back yard that had a tire swing and a REAL life sized doll house (it was really an old house) that had furniture, a kitchen and more dolls than a little girl knew what to do with. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but my childhood was the best ever!

As I got older, I always remember Gran at all of my athletic practices and games and was given a recognition plaque my senior year because she was "Warrior Gran"! In eleventh grade I moved in with Gran and Pa for a few months while my mom finished renovating a house (we sold my childhood home much quicker than we thought we would). Pa added an additional phone line because I needed the Internet - no one knew about DSL or Cable Internet way back then. Little did Pa know that Gran would be the one surfing the Internet years later with a much faster modem :) Gran has Facebook and a Kindle! I digress. She was always the chaperon for our Spring Break week in Myrtle Beach. A huge group of my closest friends went down to her beach house every year. Everyday for my junior and senior years in high school Gran would bring me a homemade lunch and many days have lunch with me and my fellow classmates - ah! The joys of private school. Sometimes she would bring in huge dishes of homemade Mac & Cheese for my entire class and some of the underclassman that I was friends with. Everyone loved seeing Gran's car in the lot near the lunchroom. On to college days and Gran was just as much a part of my life as she was when she helped me make toothpick men.

At the young age of 86, Gran boarded a plane to New York City and then a train to West Point, New York to witness me recite my vows to God and the man I love and call my husband. In August of this year she spent a long weekend with my hubby, my mom, and myself at her 10th floor condo in North Myrtle Beach. She is by far the coolest grandmother I know. She has beaten breast and lung cancer, a broken knee, hip and a broken back. See like I said, she is the most strong willed person I know, too. She has molded me into the woman and wife that I am today and I only wish that I could be half the person that she is and continues to be at 87!

Gran and I at our Rehearsal Dinner



  1. & now Im really crying!! awww!! How sweet! you are a lucky girl! & i can't stop crying!

  2. You are a very lucky girl & I know your Gran is very proud of you. I wish my muv was still alive but she pasted when I was 5.. I miss her every day and often wonder what my life would of been like if I had her with me..Ur post really touched me and the tears made me smith :)